Saturday, August 22, 2009


Second best

I’ve been there, seen that,
I didn’t buy the Tee shirt.
I’ve got the scars to prove it
If you’re given no chance
You look for reaction
A physical graffiti
To say I exist
I was here
And when the body will take no more
When the physical is the past
Then old man, sit and write your

Salford Jets

Bullets fly like swallows,
the joy of the flesh,
the kinetic connection
skin, bone, death.
Hooded clauses
born to be bad,
had the light stolen,
saw hope denied,
their brief fuse lit,
strung out
like a tightened noose.
Brother can you spare me?
A line.

Enough, though I can’t stand the Beatles

If only we knew when
we had it.
Stop stepping on necks,
breaking hearts and minds,
craving the drug of more,
wringing every last drop from,
life,time, earth, each other.
All we need is enough,
enough is all we need.


The Weaver of Grass said...

You are obviously getting better - and quickly. And incidentally it is The Oak and the ash and the bonny IVY tree (not rowan) TFE - sorry but you can't rewrite an English folk song - but you can certainly rewrite the Beatles anytime for me.

the watercats said...

more words of sublime'ityness... I could read your stuff allll day...
Think myself and the ronald agree with you about the beatles..

Totalfeckineejit said...

You have a new picture ,Weaver! I like it! Is that whiskey you are drinking? Or sherry? Slainte either.Iam getting better, or going out with a bang, time will tell!I googled the song and be da hokey there's indeed a thousand versions. The one I grew up with is by local man Johnny Mc Evoy (Banagher, Co. Offaly) and his version was (almost!) as follows.
Oh when I was a young boy sure I longed to see the world
To sail around the sea in ships and see the sails unfurled
I went to seek my fortune on the far side of the hill
I've wandered far and wide and of travel I've had my fill!
So it's home, boys, home - home I'd like to be
Home for a while in my own counteree
Where the oak and the ash and bonnie rowan tree
Are all growing greener in the old country!
Well I left my love behind me and I sailed across the tide
I said that I'd be back again and take her for my bride
But many years have passed and gone, and still I'm far away
I know she is a fond true-love and waiting for the day.
Now I've learned there's more to life than to wander and to roam
Happiness and peace of mind can best be found at home
For money can't buy happiness and money cannot bind
So I'm going back tomorrow to the girl I left behind.

Totalfeckineejit said...

Also is that a kind of medieval throne you are sitting on.OOh! I'd love one of them for castle EEjit!

Totalfeckineejit said...

Or am I thinking of Luke Kelly? Growing up was so long ago. Mind you I'm still doing it!

John Hayes said...

Big improvement on the Beatles-- didn't know that folk song per se, but these were a fun romp throughout!

Jeanne Iris said...

I enjoyed reading both versions of this verse.

N.B. Seek new adventures, new sights and insights 'til you reach the last breath...
“Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it.” ~ Howard Thurman

wv: Biledapy: an exquisite reading of a delightful poem to an audience of six-legged creatures in the wild with wind blowing from the northeast.

ArtSparker said...

A way between compromise and overreaching?

Poetikat said...

Crap! (not the poems) the juice in my computer is finished. I'll be back tomo....

Heather said...

It's great that you feel like working again TFE and I like these poems. Our lives would be so much simpler if we all knew when enough was enough, and I am as guilty as anyone for not knowing.

Dave King said...

A lot of good things wrapped up in those three, but straight off the top of my head I enjoyed the middle one most. I shall come back to read again, though, so I may change my mind...

aleph said...

I bumped into your words and stayed in them for a while. I selfishly look for whatever can have the power of accelerating my own healing processes, your trilogy does so. Liked the last one specially.

ArtSparker said...

Hmm, just thought of the Tom Petty Song "I got a room at the top of the world tonight" in association with the last verses.

Dominic Rivron said...

Like the poems -especially the first two.

I've been half-expecting the remains of the beard to become some sort of an installation :)

Totalfeckineejit said...

I must be positive and mention things I like, Watercats. By being negative about the Beatles I will instantly alienate 70% of the world. (Glad you agree with me though, tee, hee!)

It's a good song, John, I presumed it was Irish but it might be English,my friend Weaver is rarely mistaken!

That's a good quote Jeanne and a terrific bit of advice,I shall think on it everyday!Tanx. And thats a very precise interpretation of biledapy.Pronounciation please?

Good one AS, that's the way to go for sure, nicely put amigo!

Kat, tomorrow, tomorrow, I'll love ya tomorrow it's only a day away :)

Thanks Heather, you are right (rarely wrong, just like weaver. Wisdom comes with maturity)and I is glad you liked de pomes :)

You are an astute reader, Dave, as always. The middle one is THE one and the others satellites.Tanx ye!

Hey aleph! Welcome to me humble ablog. You is a talented brace of sisters.Thank you for your kind words and that you gave a bit of time to the poems.I wish you whatever healing you may need.

Thanks for your second thought AS. I know/think Tom Petty is from California Right? He sang an American girl/ His group is the Heartbreakers? I don't know this song but google will come to my aid.Great title for a song!

Thanks Mr River Run that ye loiked pomes. Doh! and double Doh!!why didn't I think of a beard based installo?? Feck feck feckity feck!Too late now-or is it? Yes actually it is .Doh!

Dominic Rivron said...

You'll have to grow another one and shave it off... :)

Totalfeckineejit said...

Do you know, Dominic, that is genius, shear GENIUS!The simplest plans always are. Just hope I don't have to go back to hospital to kick start it off! Trouble is the beard ban is still in place till Christmas.It will have to be a covert operation with most of the growing done by night.By day I will either have my face buried in a book/ newspaper or behind a camera at all times.Perhaps I could fashion a papier mache beardless jaw mask for emergencies and the occasional spot of 'bedroom action'