Monday, August 17, 2009

Tonibell marks the end of the world


The four horsemen of the apocalypse
rode in ,a flying tango to a Tonibell
Calypso beat.
I realise pathetically that
there’s no hosanna of glowing winged angels,
nor baying demons with sharpened claws.
I’m fading to the theme tune from Match of the day,
no thunder, no lightening, no seismic chaos,
just the world turning slow beside me
as shallow as a breathless breath,
my passing equally matched
by a 99 with sprinkles.


Heather said...

There was probably no 'hosanna of glowing winged angels' because you only got part the way - thank goodness. Don't try it again for a very, very long time, please. I love the new photo on your header - all that lovely empty space to stretch the eyes.

the watercats said...

The themetune to match of the day tends to do that to me too!..
Seriously though, I love this poem! There's something about the way you write that is completely compelling, you create a sort of stillness, where the world momentarily stops while I step into your moments.... glad you're still alive!

English Rider said...

I enjoyed the poem even without a clue as to who or what a Tonibell is.

Totalfeckineejit said...

Thanks Heather and glad you like the header.As for death I will try not to try it for a very long time,I'm not ready yet. :)

Thanks Watercats ,I'm glad too ! And genuine thanks for saying such a cool thing about my writing, that's a real compliment and so well put, that means a lot, I'm flattered. :)

Jeanne Iris said...

Reading this causes me to revisit the moment that I read your posting, "Gone to the hospital. PG." Stunned, I proceeded to lift your need among some positive thinkers here on the other side of the pond, knowing our collective thoughts would bring right action.

Your words are so poignant in their description of your dreaded weakened state. Lovely to be in a position to write this title in past tense, eh?

wv: wholibea: wholibea when I am at perfect calm.

Totalfeckineejit said...

Thanks Jeanne, it's good to know you did that for me and I'm sure the postive thinkers helped, thank you.Glad you liked the poem and yes it is good to be able to write about it as something gone by,though I have this strange thought that each day further away from nearly dying is bringing me a day nearer to actually dying !?

Totalfeckineejit said...

Thanks English Rider, glad you liked it.Tonibell is an ice cream van franchise and our local van is here everyday in the summer playing the theme tune to match of the day.It's an old joke now and I may have said it before but our Dad used to tell us that the ice cream man only played the tune when he had run out of ice cream!Cruel or what?

Sara said...

Loved your poem! We all make death out to be this HUGE thing, don't we? But really it's just simply part of life's cycle. So I guess none of us will be hearing harps & tolling bells - however, I've a sneaking suspicion that angels might actually exist ;-)

Totalfeckineejit said...

With you about the angels, Sar, and death is not a big deal-unless it's your own! The world keeps turning and nothing even misses a today gone tommorrow, the great and the humble, all the one.Think we should spend more time getting ready.

BT said...

So did you really have the dreaded swine flu?? God, I must stay away from Tip. You poor old thing. I love the poem, very heartfelt, or heart not felt had you died. Glad you didn't, I love that I've found an Irish blogger, albeit one with flu, or now without flu. I'll have the fly spray ready should you pass this way.

Totalfeckineejit said...

There seems some confusion now ,BT, as to whether it actually was swine flu.I wish we had been swabbed so that we knew.If I haven't had it chances are I'll get it this winter and what then? More poetry probably.AAARGGHH!
Ps. I'm not in Tipp, I'm in the sunny south east coast now ,where the sun never shines and it rains all day