Tuesday, October 20, 2009

NIGHTHAWKS are concerned

'I drown in the drumming ploughland,I drag up
heel after heel from the swallowing of the earth's mouth,
from clay that clutches my each step to the ankle
with the habit of the dogged grave, but the hawk
effortlessly at height hangs his still eye.'

(The Hawk In The Rain) Ted Hughes.

Some of the many things I miss ,living out in the sticks, are art galleries,museums, poetry nights, theatre and events like this, Nighthawks.Occasional Bus Poet ,Uiscebot, AKA Colm Keegan ,is organizing and performing.I've never been able to get to one, but I've heard no end of great things about it and will be pulling the stops out to try and go .This one has the added bonus of helping a great cause.So you can have the time of your life safe in the knowledgfe that someone else will benefit from your joy.It's painless , peeps-go for it!

Nighthawks at the Project Arts Centre

(in aid of CONCERN)

Tuesday, 27th October, 2009

Project Arts Centre
39 East Essex Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Tickets are €17.50 or €15 concession from the Project Box Office. Booking advised, tel: 01 881 9613

The Line-up

Vyvienne Long
Vyvienne Long first came to prominence a few years ago as the cellist in Damien Rice’s band. Then, in 2006, Vyvienne released her wonderful debut EP, entitled Birdtalk, and it quickly became obvious that she was a hugely talented singer-songwriter in her own right. Vyvienne is also a wonderful live performer, and, not surprisingly, she has sold out venues all over Ireland. Vyvienne is currently putting the finishing touches to her debut album, and her recent single ‘Happy Thoughts’ has enjoyed extensive radio play (and, yes, it’s used in that TV advert too!).
Pony Club
Put simply – Pony Club are one of the best bands Ireland has ever produced. (If you don’t believe us, then check with Morrissey, because that’s his opinion too.) In the last decade Pony Club have released three brilliant albums – Post Romantic, Family Business and Home Truths – and we would strongly encourage you to buy every single one of them – twice. Pony Club are definitely one of the most popular acts that we’ve ever had at Nighthawks, and it’s great to welcome them back for this show.

Foil Arms and Hog
In the last year the Nighthawks people have spent more than their fair share of time in Dublin comedy clubs, and we can honestly say that Foil Arms and Hog are the best comedy sketch group that we have come across in this city. They consist of Sean Finegan, Sean Flanagan and Conor McKenna; and they are guaranteed to make you laugh. They have just returned from a month of sell-out shows at the Edinburgh International Festival, and they were perfectly summed up recently, by Damo Clarke from RTE, when he confessed – “Foil Arms and Hog are the best threesome I’ve ever had.”

Jade Strings and Helene Hutchinson (Soprano)
Jade Strings are Aisling Ennis (harp) and Jenny Dowdall (cello), and they are regularly joined by the sweet voice of Helene Hutchinson. They play an exciting mix of classical, jazz and opera, and they recently released their debut album with a fantastic concert at the National Gallery in Dublin. This is one act not to be missed. They are the touch of class that we’ve been waiting for.

‘Lennon v McCartney’
(A Short Play)
Since the dawn of time human beings have gathered in pubs and argued about who is greater – John Lennon or Paul McCartney. Now, finally, here at last (and not a moment too soon), is a short play that definitively sorts out the argument once and for all. Well… sort of. ‘Lennon v McCartney’ is written and directed by Stephen Kennedy, and performed by Robbie O’Connor and Seamus Brennan. This short play has recently been selected for performance at Beatle Week 2010 in Liverpool.

Tango Performance
Simona Zaino and Leslie Handelman (with music by Javier Criado)
Simona Zaino is originally from Italy, but has lived in Dublin for over a decade. She has been teaching tango since 2004, and has even danced with the great Pablo Veron (you may remember him from the film The Tango Lesson). Simona’s dance partner at Nighthawks will be Leslie Handelman. Leslie somehow came to tango nine years ago via Tai Chi, and since then he has danced all over the world, and is frequently seen in the tango clubs of New York. And we are delighted to announce that live music on the night will come from Javier Criado. Javier is a gifted tango guitarist and singer from Spain. He has performed solo at the National Concert Hall in Dublin, and played at countless tango venues in his home country. A combination of Javier, Leslie and Simona is certain to produce something very special.

Colm Keegan
Colm Keegan is a poet, a short story writer, a screenwriter and a novelist. He is also the seventh son of a seventh son and plays a mean symphony on the spoons. Colm has been short-listed for the Sunday Tribune’s Hennessy X.O Literary Awards on three separate occasions – so it’s about time he won it! Colm has just completed a hectic summer, performing at festivals up and down the country, and there’ll be no living with him now that he’s conquered the Electric Picnic.

Enda Muldoon
(Stand-Up Comedy)
OK, let’s be honest about this, Enda Muldoon is probably insane; but he’s insane in a good way. A funny, insightful way. Basically, when Enda Muldoon does stand-up comedy you just cannot look away. The man has courage. The man has truth. The man has two bottles of Budweiser and a song about polar bears. Furthermore, Enda was recently a finalist in the prestigious Bulmers Comedy Competition at the Laughter Lounge in Dublin. Best of all, though, is the fact that Enda’s PR ends with the line – “The race to the bottom is over – come and see the winner!”

Graham Dowling
(Stand-Up Comedy)
Graham Dowling insists that he is completely unsuited to stand-up comedy, despite the fact that he was a former finalist in the Bulmers Comedy Competition mentioned above. In fairness to Graham, he has genuinely tried to quit comedy many times, but feckers like us just keep dragging him out of retirement for ‘one last job’. So please, ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for Graham's last ever gig (again)…

Damon Blake
(Stand-Up Comedy)
Damon Blake is one of the most intelligent and insightful stand-up comics currently working the Irish ‘circuit’. He has performed all over Ireland, and, in 2008, he had a very successful show at the Edinburgh International Festival. At present Damon is working on ‘Apartment Red’ – a popular weekly series of comic sketches for RTE’s The Den. Damon is funny and Damon is hip. Damon is heading to the top – so catch him now.

‘The Money Chair’
(A Short Play)
This short piece examines exactly what can happen when torture goes badly wrong!
It is written and directed by Stephen Kennedy, and performed by Padraic McGinley, Enda Muldoon and Damon Blake. Be careful where you sit in the auditorium!

The show starts at 8pm. It ends at 10.30pm (approx).

There will be one interval of 15 minutes.


Wigeon said...

Now this Nighthawk event I really do like the sound of ....but we're far to many sticks away (not to mention that wee puddle of water) from being able to go to this. I hope you go and have a great time and give us all a full report. It'll be worth all the effort ....and the entry too!

Heather said...

Hope you get your night out TFE. It sounds like a varied line up and as you say, for a very good cause. It's lovely living out in the sticks but everywhere has it's drawbacks. It's not so much getting out to places and events but the hassle of getting home again. Enjoy yourselves.

Karen said...

...just 17.50 euros (which I still have in my bag from my last trip to the abroad) and $3000 for my flight to and lodging in Dublin. Don't think I can make it this time, but Ireland is my next trip. That's already decided! Summer, '10? I think so! Hold the bus until then and we'll ride down together.

Titus said...

If I knew what a Euro was worth I would say that seems unbelievably reasonable for a mighty night's entertainment. But I don't.

the watercats said...

yeh.. the bleedin mountains!.. mind you.. Dublin.. meh!..
(secretly jealous)

Argent said...

Sadly, Dub's a bit far for me but it sounds like a great night.

Jeanne Iris said...

Reading this makes me want to drive down the Long Island Freeway, stand in line at JFK, grab the next ticket on Aer Lingus to Dublin Town, check out a room at that fancy hotel across from St. Stephen's Green on the corner of Kildare St. What was the name of that place again? hmmm....Anyway, if I were there, and I will be in spirit, I'd spend those euros on this amazing line up. Have fun, TFE! Slainte!

ArtSparker said...

This sounds just wonderful, wish I could be there.

aleph said...

I live so SO so many miles away from all those things-to-happen. Get your night out TFE and tell the rest, please! "have the time of your life safe in the knowledgfe that someone else will benefit from your joy" -great sentence, wonderful idea, beautiful writing, loved that.

Uiscebot said...

Thanks for spreading the good word TFE!

P Nolan said...

Fuggit TFE - I've been trying to get to the Cobalt for ages - saturday night just isn't great for me familywise. But tell you what - what say I'll meet you at this one - we can talk Poetry Bus anthology strategy! What say you, hale fellow?

Totalfeckineejit said...

Don't mention the puddle of wee Wigeon.

Totalfeckineejit said...

Getting home is a major problem Heather, particularly when you can't remember where it is!

Totalfeckineejit said...

Hey Karen we're ready and waiting!

Totalfeckineejit said...

Fugh all, titus. (A euro is worth)

Totalfeckineejit said...

Meh, is right Waterkateens.Meths is plain wrong.

Totalfeckineejit said...

Would be a great night Argent, Dubs a bit far for us all.

Totalfeckineejit said...

It's The Gresham Jeanne, we'll have tea there one day and a pint in The Horseshoe bar.Just rob the bank first.

Totalfeckineejit said...

One day Sparkey!

Totalfeckineejit said...

Tanks aleph that is kind,would be nice to go for sure!

Totalfeckineejit said...

Not a bother comrade Uisce!

Totalfeckineejit said...

P Nolan , that would be deadly alright and I sure need to talk to you 'bout da buke.