Monday, October 5, 2009


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a chickentikkamasalawithpilauriceandnaanbread? No! It's The Poetry Bus, ready to take us the feck out of here to over there, where the world is fresh and different and new, all bran spanking new and shiny -and stuff.

Well peeps it's been another bleddy long weekend and I thought that good old monday morning would never arrive.But it is here now , white is the new black and monday morn is the new friday night so grab your can of vimto and a bacon sandwich and get onboard The Poetry Bus, Jimmy The Butler is driving ,he is almost sober now so one more strong coffee and we'll be off!

I chose the pic of Brendan Behan's statue near Cross Guns Bridge along the Royal Canal in Dublin. My Mammy was born in Dublin and all Mrs EEjits family are Dubs.When I think of Behan, I think of Dublin, and when I think of Dublin I think of the past, because that's all they ever tell us about, particularly their childhoods! I also think of The Zoo and I know they are a bit unsuitable for animals really but lately I've just had this yearning to go , don't know why.

The auld triangle

We hibernated most winter
but roared like snotty lions in the spring
We were howler monkeys, whooper swans,
cheeky meerkats always looking for a better view.
Our dads were grizzly bears
who never let the hare sit,
and when they were angry
the women showed their arses-
(only metaphorically, not like baboons)
especially the big ones who
were all cellulite and combustion.
We swarmed like rats in the summer
and swam like seals in the sea,
lounged like lizards on the canals grassy banks
and slept like lambs in our beds.
Mam and dad would fight like cat and dog
then make up like love birds, months later
we would be quiet as mice while the new one came along
When we could we ate like pigs and
as we grew we drank like fish,
Goldfish, that went round and round the pale
but still, like elephants, we couldn’t forget.

All aboard, all aboard all aboard with the double-deckers!

First aboard, hold tight now!


Rachel Fox


Dominic Rivron

The Weaver Of Grass

Titus The Dog

Sandra Leigh


The Watercats


King Of The Camels

Niamh B


Domestic Oubliette

Drama Queen



P Nolan



Titus said...

Why, Good Morning TFE.
I'm on it, as they say. Bacon sandwich only for me please.

And ah, so that's the photo. A little flummoxed by that one.

Rachel Fox said...

I like this one! Clever, funny and lots of truth in it too. It's neat - in every sense.
I think your recent Ted Hughes fest shows in it too.

Poetikat said...

Unequivocally, my favourite of yours, TFE. So many things about it to love, but for me, these are the bits: "roared like snotty lions",
"all cellulite and combustion", "make up like love birds, months later","goldfish that went round and round the pale" and of course, the last line.
I'll NEVER forget this poem.

Poetikat said...

P.S. I'm "unplugging" for a bit today, but will make the rounds later in the day.

willow said...

This one is great. I like the dads as grizzly bears part.

Am I doing something wrong? Exactly how do I board this "Le Poetry Bus"??

the watercats said...

Well, came by here earlier and had forgotten it was monday, so skidaddled to do my job!.. must have taken in "hold tight" subconciously.. anyway, all done now :-) Was hard to pick a picture.. I wanted to write something for every one.
Love your poem.. especially like the description of big arses, "all cellulite and combustion".. I have me a fine one of them!.. I often think it should be us in the cages.. or maybe we are..? (now my head gone and gone all deeplost again..)

John Hayes said...

What a menagerie! It must have been a beastly life.

Heather said...

I'm late as usual! Love your poem and am just off to post mine.

willow said...

Oh, yay, I'm on! (had to stick out my leg for a lift, though) :^)
I'm sitting in the back with the cool chicks.

Rachel Fox said...

I think Kat's right - this is one of your best. There's something really endearing about it. It all fits together. One for the first page of your book!

Rachel Fox said...

I like the title too.

Sandra Leigh said...

It's got swagger, that poem of yours, and a strong voice. I like it a lot. Everything else, Poetikat said for me. I have to go to work now. but I'll read everybody else's poems tonight.



Titus said...

Oh TFE, yours good this week. I love the animal metaphors, so well applied - it's often the quiet bits that touched me most - the "slept like lambs" and the "quiet as mice", which are the most apparently cliched, but here they work so very well.
And just when you think you know the voice, those final two lines are the atom bomb.

Jeanne Iris said...

TFE, I can visualize and hear the children's voices in each line! From a photo of a statue, you've sculpted a masterpiece of youthful memory. Lovely!

Niamh B said...

Well, I've finally clambered on. Really like yours today, very warm, and as already pointed out - alot of truth in it, a lovely little tour of the animal world - very evocative I thought.

Argent said...

Well, I hope the bus has not left without me. I'll be the nutter that insists on coming and sitting next to you and asking the same question over and over. My Monday poem is here.

PS TFE, I pinched the picture off your blog and reproduced it in mine. If you'd rather I didn't, then let me know and I'll take it off. Cheers. Will read and digest everyone else's now....

Argent said...

Well, I hope the bus has not left without me. I'll be the nutter that insists on coming and sitting next to you and asking the same question over and over. My Monday poem is here.

PS TFE, I pinched the picture off your blog and reproduced it in mine. If you'd rather I didn't, then let me know and I'll take it off.)

The Weaver of Grass said...

Brilliant TFE - seems like your childhood in a nutshell. The cellulite and combustion was a bit too near home but a clever combination of words! Agree with what everyone has said - definitely one of your best so far (note the "so far" - you are not going to stop yet, are you?)

Argent said...

I'm a bit late and the comment thingy is not working (or if it is, this is my third comment, sorry!). I'm on da bus now, anyway, so put your bags on the seat next to ya if you don't want the bus nutter to sit there asking the same thing ovre and over...
Mine is here.

Argent said...

Ignore me - I've just realise you have moderation on!!! DUH!!

Argent said...

That's one rich soup of a poem, TFE! Love all those images! Snotty lions, especially.

Domestic Oub said...

Didn't have as much time this week as I'd have liked - certainly didn't do justice to the excellent inspriation. Ah well..

PhilipH said...

You obviously had animal crackers in your soup today. You remember that old number?

Nah, course you don't.

Nifty zoological gallop!

Dominic Rivron said...

Good stuff! The counterpoint of childhood and animals that runs through it is fantastic.

Titus said...

And thank you TFE, this must be a day's work for you and I'm awfully glad that you do it.
I really enjoy these challenges and my peak moment this week has been finding King of The Camels.

Pam said...

Enjoyed your poem TFE. I'm a bit late posting, but I chose the fence shadows. My poem is up.

Uiscebot said...

Dammit! Here's mine a day late

P Nolan said...

Zoiks! Nearly missed this bus - but mine is now online over here:

swiss said...

late, but not unfashionably so. and i've got excuses!

i liked this week's result - behan's staue you say - of course i recognised that!

women/baboon/arses made me laugh. but i liked the execution. did you make a list or did you actually go to the zoo? was it as tricky as it looks?

swiss said...

took me most of the afternoon to see all the poems and what a bunch. i didn't comment on all of them, mainly cos i was knackered!

much as i liked last weeks, and the week before, i have to say it was a pleasure to read thru this week's efforts. a big pat on the team buys back!

ArtSparker said...

A noisy crew.

aleph said...

You´ll need a train with lots of wagons for such a crew! The auld triangle... smells of cubs, caves, it roares and howls, it captures so finely the essence of "humanfamily" as a the still wild though tender "flock" it seems to be (for me, at least)Congratulations, you are a hard worker poet, lots of interesting links besides, you´re moving the world!

Totalfeckineejit said...

Morning Titus!

Tanx Rachel.Tedish is good!

Never, Kat? Are you sure? I'll be testing!

Put your hand out to get on ,Willow, then ding the bell to get off! (Actually just post in any TFE comments box when your poem is posted, so that I know and can link to it)

I was with you all the way koolkatz ,till you got to the us in cages bit, then you were on your own!

Still is John!

Better late than never, Heather, besides time is relative, remember?

I used to do my homework on the back of the bus,well when I say on the back of the bus I mean inside it at the back, not literally on the back of the bus coz that would be plain silly, how would the teacher see it unless they could run at a constant 30 MPH behind the bus.And then also what if it rained and washed it off, or the bus crashed and was towed away to repair shed miles away.No kids don't do your homework on the back of the bus it's just not right.But glad you got on Willow.

Thanks Rachel,one down 39 to go!

'The auld triangle' title is from a song by the same name often sung by Behan but not written by him though Behan liked to think he had and most people believed him! Still gets credited for it in a lot of places.

Oh yes, 'swagger' is good Sandra Leigh,I like that! Always thought I limped a bit meself.

Hey, King of the Camels, you think my name is funny? Wait till you see my face!!

Thanks Titus, that's really nice,much appreciated!

Totalfeckineejit said...

Sculpted? That's nice Jeanne, Ilike that.Thank you.

'Animal world' is right, Niamh :)

Listen Argent ther's only room for one nutter on the bus right? And I'm already on! :)

Weaver, ther's no stopping a runaway thing, baby!

Ok Argent, you win, you can be the nutter! :) oh and 'rich soup? Nice.Tanx ye!

I bet ya did jus fine D'oub! (in fact I know ye did cos it's WEd morn now)

MOre soup! Thanks Philip.

Fantastic? Thanks Dominic.

Your welcome , Titus, and the camel king is kool!

Totalfeckineejit said...

Thanks Pam,nice to have ye aboard!

Good man Uiscebot,don't worry tis a slow bus.

And Ghadzooks too Padhraig!

Thanks Swiss and I agree some fantastic stuff out there,I am genuinely amazed each week.

They are a noisy crew,ArtSparker, and a little bit rough, but they write some good poems these bloggers ;)

Totalfeckineejit said...

Cool and kind comments aleph, thank you!

Rachel Fox said...

Yes, I have that song on a cd by an Australian band called Cloudstreet!