Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Monday Poetry Bus

Okay, so it isn't quite Monday yet, but some passengers like to get on early and get a good seat-settle in with their bacon sandwiches (grilled goats cheese and sundried tomato paninis' for the vegetarians)There's a fully licensed complimentary Bar with fresh brewed coffee (latte's Americano's cappuccino's espresso's) and teas available.Also hot Croissants ,jam and butter, toast, honey,marmalade, full Irish breakfast all day, seafood chowder,pizzas ,pastas, curries, crisps , nuts, snacks,cakes and pastries.

I wrote two poems this one was slightly less worse than the other and has loosely something to do with the picture above (well in my head ayway!)
and probably a touch of the balloon pic.

The Songbirds

flew like a thousand red ballooons

reflecting sunrise in sunset ways,

but cold moons would drag me like the tide

away from my task.

Gun in hand,

mind over matter.

No matter how soft ,how sweet they sing,

a single shot will bring them down.

My moon is rising

I pull it's strings-Listen

how my comrades sing

life, hope and freedom .

Post your own poem on your blog and leave a message in my comments box letting me know so I can post a link to yours. Tanx ye!

First at the Bus stop are...



Rachel Fox



Wild Somerset Child

Dominic Rivron

Sunny Dunny


Sandra Leigh

Drama Queen



The Weaver Of Grass


Domestic Oubliette

Emerging Writer




The Weaver of Grass said...

Thanks for your spontaneous poem on my blog comment yesterday - liked it!
Now I am truly confused. I thought tomorrow was a Monday off so that we had two weeks in which to compose a poem after watching that film or reading that Sylvia Plath.
I read Plath (one of my favourites, even though she has such a fixation with death I have already written the poem which I thought I had to put on next Monday - so now I shall post it tomorrow because my brain is of the sort that cannot think of another poem until it has got the existing one out of the way. Cannot however think of any tie up between the man with all those balloons and my poem on death!!!

Karen said...

Alright. I'm being patient. I'll hold Sylvia until next week. Here's much lighter fare for this week. Sometimes, I just gotta rhyme!

I think I heard you call, "All aboard!"

Your poem, by the way, is much less worse than mine! Excellent work.

ArtSparker said...

Make sure your aim is true, as the Costellan said.

Heather said...

That's some bus you are running TFE, and not for those on a diet! I like the Songbirds and am all ready with my little bit for tomorrow.

Argent said...

Haha! Bagsy the window seat! Your poem evokes some very strong images in my head. I need to read it a few more times to absorb all the poem-y goodness.

Mine's here


John Hayes said...

If this is the second best one then the other one must be quite good, because I like this--especially the first few lines & the ending. Hope you enjoy yr bus ride!

Rachel Fox said...

I couldn't let it lie.
Here is a quick one
Won't be about much but back to usual next week.

Jeanne Iris said...

Ah...Thanks for opening the bus doors a bit early. I had just posted mine since I'll be watching the NY Yankees beat the Minnesota Twins in a little while. Now, TFE, don't get too excited here. Your balloon pic inspired not one, but TWO haikus from me, and I added a little dessert at the end. Okay, all set with my tomato/goat cheese sammich ...Go Yankees!

BTW, Did you know that Monday, Oct. 12, is Columbus Day here?

Titus said...

Happy Columbus Day, TFE. What? You didn't know.
Anyway, I'm in and up so could you put me on? Please.
I shall, as usual, save yours to last.

willow said...

Hey! Wait a minute!! I thought we had TWO weeks before the poetry bus came around. Sorry, I gotta ball going on over at my place. No poetry writing going on tomorrow for sure. :(

Sandra Leigh said...

I'm on board. Goat cheese and sun-dried tomatoes - this is the bus of my dreams.

Anonymous said...

Here's my poem, assisted by three glasses of sherry.

Dominic Rivron said...

Like the way the ecstatic beginning of Songbirds sets us up for the dark, edgy bit in the middle.

PS Mine's posted.

shug said...

Balloon Man. Thought I'd join in TFE.

Niamh B said...

Very nice TFE - I fear I'm going to be left standing at the roadside this week, (I haven't got a ticket, so only have myself to blame) watching all the carryings on in the bus, jealous of the bacon sangers, hopefully will be back on board next monday. In the meantime nice poem - apt line "Listen how my comrades sing"... Like it.

Anonymous said...

Hi TFE, I just posted my Monday poem and it isn;t what you are expecting at all. Sorry. Been making a fabric-keepsake gift for a grandchild in every spare moment this last week - excuses! Will try to do better another time.

Anonymous said...

Hi TFE, I just posted my Monday poem and it isn;t what you are expecting at all. Sorry. Been making a fabric-keepsake gift for a grandchild in every spare moment this last week - excuses! Will try to do better another time.

Drama Queen said...

Ok, I'm in for this week.
Not brand new, I fear, but hope you like my Exploration.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Me again - there was no room to stand under the station clock this morning - running out of time - sorry shall have to give it a miss today - might post one later in the week - otherwise next Monday.

Pam said...

Mine's up.

Heather said...

Just posted my effort for today, but can't see me taking part next week. I think you have sorted out the men from the boys (and women from the girls) with next week's task. I think I shall have to leave it to the experts.

Anonymous said...

I seem to be at sixes and sevens - posted a comment twice, and then found another prompt - BALLOONS. Well I can do THAT one; so here goes:

"red, orange; yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet"
-so ran the childhood rhyme;
Though as I recall
from over 60 years ago
it had something to do
with sun and rain.
A rainbow - of course it does!
But this - this balloon guy
with his fistful of colours
is altogether more enticing.
What messages, what larks,
What celebrations
do they foretell?

asm 12.10.2009 (it may lose its formatting when posted)

The Weaver of Grass said...

Managed a little one after all.

Wigeon said...

Hi TFE! Crumbs, a bus in this part of the world - wow! Thanks, I never thought we'd see a bus round these hills and valleys.
I've hopped on board having just written a quick and bleak pome. Sorry about the bleakness but how could I do anything else with that photie?
I really like your 'balloons reflecting sunrise in sunset ways.' It's a wonderful image.

Thanks for this kick up the posterior. Heaven knows how I'll get that film for next week but I'll see what you tube can do to help me come up with something that might be half appropriate to the challenge.

Domestic Oub said...

I'm aboard.

Poetikat said...

This has a very allegorical feel for me. Also a sort of Asian mysticism with the red and the balloons, moon, birds. (Or maybe that's just because I'm reading Amy Tan at the moment.)

Emerging Writer said...


I'm back. I've posted. I'm on the bus.

swiss said...

oh aye, sneaking another one in eh? oh well here's another effort, maybe more before the witching hour

aleph said...

I really like this "slightly less worse"! (Why does it make me think about Spanish Republic?, well the images of the words have their own independent resonance)

Titus said...

Really like yours this week TFE, the opening presages, almost in disguise (sunrise in sunset ways) what comes. Chilling at "My moon is rising!" In fact, I love the way you use the natural images throughout. And the use of the word "comrades" masterly. Beautiful sound poem, dark heart.

Emerging Writer said...

Love the phrase

reflecting sunrise in sunset ways