Friday, July 17, 2009

Stop press

A1 mouse on brass block SOLD!


Heather said...

Well done you! Don't spend it all on fine stout and wild women!! Maybe you should - if you spend it on fine stout, Mrs. Feck will be pretty wild and you'll need to spend some on her for appeasement.

The Lesser Weevil said...

No, m'boy! You should spend it on Wild Stout and Fine Women - Much more fitting for a castle-dwelling cove like your gentlemanly good self. If you see Mrs Feck approaching with a rolling pin, just shout "MOUSE!!" and then, as she jumps up onto the nearest chair, you can skidaddle. (Ok. So that's perhaps not the best of plans, as you'll have to face her sometime, but it got to be more interesting than spending the money on a new sprocket for the drawbridge).