Friday, May 15, 2009

I is a friendly bloggo

This award was kindly given to me by (potentially) distant relative John Hayes. maternal grandmother's maiden name was Hayes from Dublin, as was my mother and dear Baille atha cliath is my spiritual home. Well ,one of them) Not only is he a great poet ,he is also, along with his multi-talented wife Eberle, a fantastic musician.His blog is a prolific and fascinating insight into a (to my eyes) totally different world.

I thank him for this award and his friendship and would like to pass it on to all these friendly people...

Poetikat, another prolific and insightful blogger, poet and reminiscer (is there such a word? Well , fuck it-there is now!) extraordinaire.

Barbara Smith, gifted poet,busy, busy lady and inspiration.

Colm Keegan ,aka Uiscebot. A cool guy, and terrific writer, the real deal of urban chic cutting edge gritty stories. A bit like Paul McGrath he puts his head where most people wouldn't put their boot.A pivotal figure at 'Nighthawks' at The Cobalt Club in Dublin. All this but took the time to do a proper cnstructive critique of my first short story.

Nuala Ni Chonchuir another great poet and The Irish Times 'One to watch' for 2009.Prolific and hard working, yet takes time to help and advise aspiring writers poets

Liz Gallagher -a great talent, her first poetry collection 'The wrong miracle' due out from Salt in september, she bloggs at and

PJ Nolan poet, reviewer, artist, sketcher- is there no end to this man's talents? His latest incredible success is to be selected for the highly prestigious Royal Hibernian Academy annual exhibition in Dublin undoubtedly the artistic highlight of the year and something that I have wanted to be in for years, without success.

Jeanne Iris Lakatos Connecticut university professor, poet, theorist, intellectual, always friendly whether rain or shine. Her next book will be an academic profile of Lady Morgan.

Oh, yeah,I forgot,I think ye are supposed to pass this award onto deserving causes and post a link back to my blog.


Jeanne Iris said...

Congratulations on your Friendly Blogger Award! Of course, you are a friendly blogger...the friendliest! :-)

And...for my award....Go raibh maith agat, Peadar!

Wow...those Irish words just flowed out of me...
I am deeply honored. You are a true Patriot of the Arts, Sir.

Can't wait until June 9th, when I'll be breathing Irish air again!

Slan agat,
Siobhan an Hun

Poetikat said...

Thanks so much, TFE and I don't have this one at all. I'm so happy to have stumbled upon you (how DID that happen anyway? I forget). You make me laugh and your music taste is great, but more than that, somehow in your wacky way you really have your finger on the artist's pulse and I feel at home here.


Uiscebot said...

I say ooh ah colm keegan....doesnt have the same ring to it really. Many thanks Total. I'll wear it with pride

John Hayes said...


Thanks for the generous words. I know Poetikat's blog & you're right about her for sure-- she's great & a wonderfully supportive person. The others all sound interesting, & I will have to check 'em out.

Totalfeckineejit said...

Ye are all totally welcome.

Poetikat said...

John - Aw! Thanks for such kind words. I DO appreciate that.
It's easy to be supportive of folks like you.