Friday, October 1, 2010


I've poked The wondeful Watercats with a pointy stick to remind them they have their paws on the steering wheel this week.They may be having a cat-nap, so if I don't hear back by the stroke of midnite, purrhaps someone else would like to leap into the drivers seat ?

The real Poetry BUs Magazine made out of trees is at the printers gettting born.I'm expecting healthy A5 sized babies sometime on Monday.

Proof reading is yet another skill I don't have.I found 21 mistakes in the 3rd proof copy that I hadn't noticed in the 2nd. I just pray I've spelled everybody's names right every time and put all of each poem in. Apart from that ,what can go wrong? (Nervous laugh, bordering on the maniacal.)

I'd put one of the artists in the list of poets on the back cover and left out Nancy Uhrhammer's first h, something you had already told me Nancy! Only on the cover mind, all the other h's were there, honest.
And Susan Sanford (ArtSparker) who designed the cover actually had a new corrected cover back to me within a couple of hours of my desperate email to her in America.How cool is that.You are a star Susan!

I've checked postal rates and apparently there are only 2 ,which surprised me. Unfortunately we are a couple of grammes into a higher price band. Anyway the good ting about that is the cost of posting 2 mags is the same as posting one. ie €1.35 for The Republic of Ireland and €3 for the rest of the world.So the further away you live the better the value.I propose for ultimate satisfaction you all go and live in Timbuktu and have the magazines posted there. I don't actually know where Timbuktu is but it sounds a very long way away. It could be in Cornwall for all I know! I'm not going to charge for packaging,I'm planning to get reems of brown paper and some parcel tape and sticky address labels tomorrow.

So there you have it.First issue ofThe Poetry Bus Magazine shjould be available on Monday afternoon and if so I will start posting them out on Tuesday.

It could be the start of something, it definitely won't be the end!

Ps. Three excellent suggestions just in:
1) from NanU -write to the theme of happiness
2)From Rachel FOx -Have a week off!
3) From Weaver- write whatever you like!

So in the absence of The Stray Cats (midnite deadline) choose from any of the three above!
Brilliant! Thanks fair lady girl women things!


NanU said...

Happy to drive the bus if you need me, TFE. Theme: Happiness!
Never mind the H's. Everybody's always losing them.

Rachel Fox said...

we could just have a week off the online bus to celebrate the mag. I know I wouldn't mind a week off... and I'm sure you're busy.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Oh Eej - how exciting. Can't wait.

If the watercats are having an extra long cat nap why not just let it be an open week when anyone can submit anything they like?

Totalfeckineejit said...

Three brillo sogesstlos! I loves them.I canm't choose , so we'll do all threee! Why? Because we can, that's our beauty!

Heather said...

It's very exciting, isn't it? And best of all, my patient daughter who guides me through mysterious laptop proceedures will be back from holiday next week, in time to help me send some money to you for my copies. I haven't got a Paypal account - yet!! Three poems this week? You're getting greedy!!

Totalfeckineejit said...

It is exciting/terrifying Heather.Did I mention that your fine poem 'Come Fly With Me ' has a wonderful illustration to go with it?

Hope you get the PayPal sorted.I feel realy bad that contributors (where would the mag be without them) have to buy the magazine.I have no choice.Funding would have prevented that, or a lottery win, which at least is a fair chance. ;)

Titus said...

The Mag: edge of my seat now.

Any crisis: the woman steps in.
Ain't that just the world...
Although admittedly, Rachel's solution was to just do nothing.

Totalfeckineejit said...

Yoour suggestio of Pete the Goulding is a crisis cracker too Titus, we'll have to work on that one! God bless woman and wonder dogs!!

Edge of the seat myself too, Titus- toilet seat, I'm shiteing meself! This thing's going out into the critical world, with other people's precious words and illustrations entrusted to me. No pressure then!

Emerging Writer said...

How about we all write a poem about the Poetry Bus?

Totalfeckineejit said...

OOh! That's a good one too EW.Fancy driving later on?

Rachel Fox said...

Sometimes doing nothing is a very good option!

Enchanted Oak said...

I vote that NanU link us all, as we are nought but lazy poets and trotting around on our own to find everyone is dicey. I foresee udder mayhem (sans h). Mayem on the Bus! Oh no!
I'm going back to your blog to find a link to NanU and a link to the Poetry Bus Mag so's I can buy one or two or three or four.

Enchanted Oak said...

The new header photo is beautiful.

Enchanted Oak said...

P.P.S I volunteer to drive the Bus on Nov. 22.

Emerging Writer said...

Sure TFE. What week?

NanU said...

Alrighthen, the key is in the ignition, the gas tank is patched, and I'm coming for you all.