Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bloody Hell! It's the Poetry Bus!

The link has been up for a day and a bit, I've been so busy( Aww, cue violins)that I didn't even notice.
So let's get back to our roots the virtual poetry bus is being driven by Niamh Bagnell. A first cousin of the Guinness family and a multi millionaire. Niamh enjoys flying her cushion shaped helicopter and hitting golf balls into the river Liffey from her penthouse suite.A shrewd businesswoman, she once made front page news for buying up all the world stocks of ping pong balls, creating a shortage that nearly brought rioting to the streets, before selling back a limited amount of ping pong balls for €1,000 each! A similar scheme involving Skoda motor cars, backfired.See what she's on about HERE

And many thanks to NanU (Hypnotist, juggler, and psychic to the stars) for coming to the rescue last week. Spare a thought for poor Vicky of The Watercats who is all out of sorts at the moment, but will I'm sure be back fighting fit and regailing us with Watercatness tales and tribulations, soon.

And finally, buy The Poetry Bus Magazine!! There's a big button up there you can't miss it.One of the poets in the mag is in prison and I'll be joining him if I don't pay the printers!

People of the world I LOVE YOU! Now go forth and make pottery. Er, I mean poetry.


Karen said...

Pottery ready!

Titus said...

Ooh, pottery for me!
Let's see you turn that into a magazine, Mr Clever.

Heather said...

Just ordered my three copies Peadar. I've never been in print before - I'll be getting swollen headed.