Saturday, September 4, 2010

This looks interesting, have a go!

Talented poet Swiss has got a good thing going over on his new blog. The poet Edwin Morgan died recently, I'd never really heard of him beyond a competition in his name but he seemed to be much loved and now missed. Particularly in his native Scotland.Many bloggers knew his work and posted tributes.

Swiss has the good idea of compiling an ebook of poems as a memorial and is looking for submissions. Don't worry if (like me) you don't know much about Edwin, even a response to one of his poems would be suitable. I think I'll have a go.
Weaver, unless I'm mistaken (that happens a lot) mentioned /recommended some of his stuff, so Ill go and have a look, or just google him.
Anyways get the full details.... here..

Ps Just checked Weaver's blog and she likes 'Heron' and 'Strawberries' Edwin Morgan poems that is, not lunch.
I'm gona google 'em now and see if I like them or not and if they trigger a response.Onwards!


Heather said...

Lovely idea Peadar - good luck with your research and writing.

Totalfeckineejit said...

Thanks Heather.You going to have a go?