Thursday, September 9, 2010


MISSING :MAN AND SUPERMAN reward offered (see below)

Firstly....OOshk!The Poetry Bus Mag is lookin livelier than a box of ferrets on benzadrine crystal meths and buckfast.Susan Sanford (ArtSparker) finished off the cover with the newly supplied list of names in two shakes of her magic art wand.

Thirdly, On the other paw and in a mystical mist of unknownness and intrigue WANTED 'Man and Superman' art installation.(see attached photo, somewhere) Missing in action. Man and Superman the award winning (pending) arty thing fashioned by overweight creative svengali figure TFE Phd (pissed hairless dirty) has disappeared whilst on it's round the world blockbuster tour. Any sightings or information leading to the safe return of this priceless piece of shite, will be rewarded in a telepathic fashion.
Secondly...The good news is, this piece of art was insured for a cool 1 million euro! The bad news is we didn't pay the premium.

6) Competition time!

'Strands of silk' is an excellent book of poetry by The Shed Poets A group of six women , Bernie Kenny,Maureen Perkins,Rosy Wilson, Carol Boland, Marguerite Colgan,Judy Russell who meet up every week in a terraced gardn overlooking Killiney Bay.(Lucky feckers!)

Not only does this book have good and I mean really good poems in it, it has one of the best covers ever put onto a book, by moi. All for€7.It's beautifully made too. You really should all go

and buy one ,but if like me you are without money then why not enter The TFE Shed poetry competition!?

Alls you have to do is either

A) send me €50.


F) Leave a comment saying you'd like to be entered into the draw

Finally in order to raise funds I must sell off the Castle D'EEjit's fine art collection. All paintings are poster paint and acylics on canvas board and measure 12" by 16" except one that is 16" by 18". The paintings are open to offers (plus P+P.)

And penultimately, don't forget to BREATHE! Relax, close your eyes, let your horizons expand.And if you're going to do something with yourself, do it today, life is like my legs. Short.

See pics for sale below.Goon ye know yawant one!


Titus said...

I've forgotten what this is for now, but enter me please. That is one fabulous cover.
No bids till you tell me what we're bidding in and/or how much a Euro is in real money (little Scotlander).

Uiscebot said...

Stick me in!! Huzzah, have at you, touche etc

Totalfeckineejit said...

It's for the Shed Poets book 'Strands of Silk' I do wish you'd pay attention at the back.You can bid in any currency you like though preferably euros,or sterling.A euro is about 80p.

No bids in excess of one thousand euro allowed ;)

Actually an AUCTION is a good idea.I'll take bids (with a reserve) starting at €10 and see if we get anywhere!

Desperate times mean desperate measures!

Totalfeckineejit said...

WhiskeyNighthawk, consider yourself stuck!

Titus said...

Yep, auction much better idea.
I'm bidding on the top one with the red scary palm.
Euro30. Or 30 euros, we don't have the right symbol here. I think. Maybe I'm not paying enough attention.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Enter me in the draw please Eej - as for those paintings - they scare me on the computer, heaven knows what they would do in real life!

martine said...

Eejit, I trust your judgement and if you say these is good pomes then they must be worth the read, enter me in the draw (though might well pop and buy one if I don't win) (though it's second in the queue after the Poetry Bus book of course)
much love

Heather said...

I know where Man and Superman should be, but he seems to have gone missing. The Lesser Weevil was the last to house him and she can't find him. I told her she should let you know, but obviously this has not been done. Kids! They let you down even when they are middle-aged! I do apologise and wish I had sent him straight home after I had him. I have tried to leave two or three comments on your blog lately but they seem to have not turned up. Hope this one works. How do we order our copies of the Poetry Bus Magazine - and when - or am I being impatient?

AquaMarina said...

you've got to be in to can I be in your draw please?