Thursday, September 9, 2010


Ok,people, don't forget to enter the free prize draw for the Shed Poets book. (see below)

But why not join in the worldwide ART AUCTION while you're here. Grab yourself a bargain, a future proofed investment steady as a bar of Gold (possibly)

5 yes FIVE unique pieces of TFE's agitated mind in the form of self-portraits are going under the hammer, (No not the sledgehammer) each with a reserve( and P+P charge.)

You can bid on any painting at any time but Titus has got us off to a great start with a bid of €30 on the first pic with the single red hand.

Do I hear €35? Anywhere in the room? You madam, with the beard?

1 comment:

Titus said...

That's me, you idiot! I'm not bidding again yet.