Friday, September 10, 2010


Welll done Titus, you have the winning bid! I don't really want to take any money, so how about a swap.I'd love a copy of your beautiful new book Venti, the one with the pattern that looks a bit like twigs.Whadya say?

3 or 4 names in the hat for the Shed Poets book with cover photography by meself, so if you want to win put your name in! I'll do the draw at midnight on Saturday.

Elsewhere in the world there's a colourful prompt from Marion on the poetry bus. I'm looking forward to having a go over the weekend.The link to her blog is HERE

Today is also suicide prevention day. 527 people in The Republic of Ireland died by suicide last year, almost a quarter more than the previous year.That's a worrying trend, particularly among the young and most shockingly of all ,even children.

I guess depression may be a factor and I suppose early contact with a GP might help. Money (or lack of it) may also also a factor (apparently one in ten calls to The Samaritans is now recession related)

It amazes me for instance that Irish banks are bailed out with billions of tax payers money, yet should a tax payer lose their job and be unable to make the mortgage repayments for a while, they will have their home reposessed.

It's also sad, but somehow unsurprising, how many creative people take their own lives.

What caught my attention most is that today is marked as suicide 'prevention' day.The charity 3T's (turning the tide of suicide) would suggest that things can be done to make people aware of help that might be life-saving. I'm not sure how this will work but raising awareness of any issue surely helps towards change.

Thankfully suicide has not affected any members of my family, but it has been on the periphery of my own radar.I've never contemplated suicide, never really come even close, but I recognize fully how it (given any number of factors) could be one of a few paths that would be on the map of a troubled human mind.
A number of candlight vigils have been held around the country organized by 3T's and more are due over the next few days where family, friends and collegues of loved one's lost to suicide are invited to light a candle in their memory.

I'm going to join them in spirit tonight.


The Weaver of Grass said...

I have been fairly close to one or two suicides - not family or friends but near enough to feel the swell - it is a terrible thing - not something to be inflicted on one's loved ones.
I shall be there in spirit too.

Heather said...

It must be dreadful to feel so low and desperate that there is no-one to turn to at any age, but for a child it is appalling. I know I am a lucky woman and have had love and support all through my life - I will join the vigil in spirit too.

Titus said...

Thank you TFE, on a lot of levels.

Very excited about the speed of the auction, and my incredible success! Please write my name on the back of the picture and I will collect it when I come for tea next year.
In the meantime, a magic postman should be delivering a little book to you soon-ish. Only it's a purple one. I swear purple is the best!

Karen said...

Unfortunately, I've been too close to two such deaths. It is a terrible, hopeless thing, and for those left behind, never a moment of normal again. I'll light a candle, too.

the watercats said...

I can well understand, like yourself, the fine line that it could take to push someone into complete and utter despairing. When I was a kid, there were two people from my school who drowned themselves. One girl was in my class and left her shoes neatly beside each other on the bridge. Another fella jumped in a local lake after tying rocks to himself. Both these kids were fifteen/sixteen. Ireland seems to have a particular tendency towards suicide and I've noticed, that bad, grey, dull winters and you're sure to have a few round here.
The awareness campaign is fantastic, and long overdue!