Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Train Train! It's the POETRY BUS!

Writing poetry is like painting The Forth Bridge- if you fall off you ain't gonna ride the bicycle again. Nope, I'm not sure what that means either, But I do know the Poetry Bus is turning around and coming backatcha again and this week it's got TRAINS on the brain. Write ANYTHING you like but if you canno think of 'anything' then write a poem about anything involving trains.
If ye still canno think of anything turn up your speakers /headphones to the max and clickety clacks down the' ya tube' tracks below for inspiration.( and a bit of perspiration, from The Rev.)

Any-which-way-up write a poem of your choice, post it on your blog and leave a comment in me box so I can provide links to all the poetry. The Bus leaves MONDAY! Good luck and may your train go with you.

Tube station

Trés bien

A terrible beauty is born

Ps. If anyone can figure out the lyrics to the Rev's song please put your answers on a postcard and send it to' What the fuck is the big fella saying?' EEjit Castle, Peeps Republo D'EEjit, Tipp North.
All entrants can get a totally cool FREE Rev Peyton's Damn Big Band Poster for FREE here http://www.bigdamnband.com/assets/new_color_poster.pdf FREE. Did I say it was FREE?
Mrs EEjit is getting a washboard and I'm gonna makes me a steel geetar out of empty beer cans.


Titus said...

Casey Jones shall ride again!

Terry said...

Hallo Sir Eeejit herewith my contribution for the train poem! See you on the bus! Terry

The Josie Baggley Company said...

'throw me a breadroll wouldja throw me a breadroll nice fresh breadroll and one for yer wan..doobydooo
not hard not stale I will prevail if you throw me a breadroll dooby doooobahdooo dih wah wah'

NanU said...

ohmygosh I adore trains! You are so cool to get away from death and pretended dead pocket lint and strange music and have TRAINS, GLORIOUS TRAINS!!
um, there's no deceased train-driver hidden away here, is there?

chiccoreal said...

Thanks Totalfeckin! (tell me what's 'jit'?) Can I do it here? The train poem? Ok, thanks!

Train train down the drain
wrecking havoc with my brain
Train train on the track
When you gonna bring ma baby back?

Train Train goin' no where
When you gonna leave me
Train train come back home
Yo girl wants to get some

Train train never crash
Coming down ripped off
train train blow my mind
when you carry that crap

Train train I love your whistling
Making me feel
I got some junk in my trunk like caboose!

ArtSparker said...

It may be a corruption of "Hear that lonesome whistle blow" - don't all train songs have to have that line?

Karen said...

Here come da bus! Here come da bus! I love these trips!

Jeanne Iris said...

Trains...Nice! Metro North train into Grand Central Station.... All aboard!

Poetikat said...

Is that a woman with the washboard?

I love trains and I'll definitely be riding this one. (Don't know when I'll be posting since we have guests this weekend, but I'll get one to you. Promise.

P.S. Yay, Feist!

Eberle said...

Your three-dimensional comparison between writing poetry, falling off the Forth Bridge, and riding a bicycle seems impeccable to me. Perfect! A poem in itself.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Am not blogging at pres due to incredibly bad back pain - but shall nevertheless try a train pome - after all the pain is not in my brain, is it? Glad that sneaky Nixon didn't turn up to drive last week - let's have someone with a bit of pzazz - what about Lady Gaga? Or Damien Hirst?
There's always my old pal Christie Moore, of course, providing he is sober?

NanU said...

Here you are, sir. I'm punching my ticket early and often with this one!

Totalfeckineejit said...

Titus,Casey Jones, steamin' and a rollin'? I used to love that show in the summer holidays. Bring back Casey!

Terresa said...

The Fourth bridge...are you referencing the Firth of Fourth? Or the Fourth of Firth? I can never get that darned bridge name straight, even after crossing it, snapping picts at it and drooling at it in all it's carnal steel glory.

I have a train-inspired poem brewing now...