Monday, March 29, 2010

Stuff and things and what? Part DEUX

A fine anthology from The Deansgrange Writers Group featuring our own Bus Poet Padhraig Nolan among a host of others. A mixture of poetry and prose there is something for everyone in this professionally produced 96 page book. Padhraig's poetry is as strong as ever here and watch out for the title Story by John Piggott a metaphysical journey like you've never witnessed before! More information and how to buy can be found here....... All proceeds from this book go to The National Rehabilitation Hospital (Ireland)

John (Jack) Hayes of Robert Frost's Banjo has a finely wrought beat style (or 'beat formalist' as Jack coins it) collection called 'The Days Of Wine and Roses' It covers his poetry from 1990- 2003. Another nicely made book which can be bought in paperback for €7.30 or downloaded as a PDF for John/Jack hasn't yet been on the weekly bus but has kindly given a poem for the soon to be launched first issue of The Poetry Bus magazine.

The Poetry Divas ,Kate Dempsey (Emerging Writer) Niamh Bagnell (Various) and Triona Walsh (Domestic Oubliette) are three girly womaen type things that perform together where anyone will listen to them , including the Electric Picnic and Flatlakes festivals. All Bus Poets they produced a lovely (if girly) hand made (not home made) poetry pamphlet called Poetry Divas 1.It can be yours for a bluey (€5) plus €1 p+p here.... scroll down the sidebar to find it, you won't regret it- trust me!
I don't have a photo of it but multi talented artist Susan Sanford (ArtSparker) has a wonderful book of imagesand words about Alice In Wonderland.It's called 'Dreaming Alice' and you can preview it here and also BUY it .......... Susan is the Bus Poetry Magazine designer and illustrator and I'm looking forward to seeing her work in the finished article WATCH THIS SPACE!!!

Ok, you can stop watching now.

There you are folks that's the Christmas rush sorted. I really like to help.
Ps. Many thanks to Hyposperous (The Golden Hare) for helping with the books.Jimmy The Butler usually assists but he's still thumbing his way home after losing his shirt on Paddy The Plasterer at Cheltenham. Ah well!


Titus said...

I score one out of three of these, but as you're a man of excellent taste I shall pursue the others.

John Hayes said...

Thanks for the recommendations & the shout-out!

Jeanne Iris said...

Bah! Humbug!

Heather said...

Many congrats to you and your fellow poets for getting yourselves in print. Well done!

Karen said...

My international shelf is expanding! Thanks for the suggestions, and congratulations!

P Nolan said...

Thanks for the mention Peadar :-)

ArtSparker said...

Thanks for the mention.