Monday, January 12, 2009

S.O.S save our stuff

Helmets at the ready da crash is a comin'
Okay looks like I lost me fotos but what can people do ta make sure it don haapen ta dem,well here are some tips from DAEEJIT.
1) All hard drives will eventually fail sure as night follows day-fact!
3) Get a secondary backup external HD
$) Copy everything to disc as even 2 HD's is no guarantee
12) Make it a daily routine to copy/back up yer new work
2) if ye have a PC try not to move it or jolt it at all, this can wreck the HD if you have to move it make sure it is switched off.

Funny I became a digital camera devotee citing all the numerous advantages over film yet all those advantages were devastatingly wiped out overnight.The gas irony is that I never lost a photographic negative in my life. Also what other crashes loses disasters lurk around the corner when ye think almost every aspect of life is stored and run by computers.Look even at journalspace being wiped out, and when ye think of all the hackers out there with trouble on their minds, is anything safe?


BarbaraS said...

Nope, nothing is safe, not a damn thing!

Love that pic - a lonely abandoned helmet...

Totalfeckineejit said...

Hey B,glad ye liked da pic ya wudnt beleeve da variety o stuff that gets washed-up or left on de beaches around here.Shoes, animals,beer cans,fridges, vases from the Ming dynasty etc etc

Liz said...

TFE, that is a nice pic...they are mad on those gold-detector machines on the beaches here as folk always keep their gold around their necks while sunbathing and swimming and needless to say, it sometimes falls off!
I got myself an external hard-drive at the weekend, it took over 2 hours to transfer all my photos onto it ...must keep on keeping on backing up all really lost with your pics?

Totalfeckineejit said...

Tanx Liz, I'm delighted ya got an xternal HD, it was well wurt da 2 hours to copy yer fotos fer me,Brendan (tech man) reckons the fotos are definitely gone, but there's another fella advertising no fix no fee so I'll give dat a lash.Brendan has an 800GB xternal HD for me, all i need now is da 120 yo yos ta pay fer it!Maybe I should visit ye,I've heard of places where the streets are paved in gold but never the beaches!

Jeanne Iris said...

Hmmm...the last time someone told me to back up while I was dealing with a machine, I ended up crashing all right...right through the garage door.

Hey, T, remember these artifacts? photo album, pencil, pink eraser, paper...maybe some of these will wash up on the beach one day, too...ya think?

Totalfeckineejit said...

Yes Jeanne and a rake of broken computers too!