Saturday, January 10, 2009


When ye look like I do mean and moody just don't wash, so going off in a sulk over me lost ouvre is foolin no-one. As for the covers of PIR, here I am back to say ,YET AGAIN, I was wrong.( Mea culpa) Please have that chanted aloud as my ashes are scattered unto the four winds. Now, come here, listen, poetry ireland design is GOOD. okay, admittedly the latest is shite, pure shite, I'm not always wrong, every dog has it's day, but I haven't looked at the publication in years, so, I checked out the PIR designers site 'Hexhibit graphic design', namely Alistair Keady and Fiona Burns, and I liked it.All the other PIR covers they have done are good, some of them are great,so praise where praise is due ,a round of applause for Al and Fi. Life's too short people SO LIVE IT, BE GOOD TO ONE ANOTHER, GO FORTH MULTIPLY YOUR WORDS IN POEMS STORIES ESSAYS BOOKS and above all feck da begrudgers-DLTBGYD. Live long and prosper. TFE.


Dave King said...

Nice you're back - and with good advice, too.

Totalfeckineejit said...

You're a good man Dave, thanks.