Sunday, January 4, 2009

Create! Ahh creation, that ring-a-ding-thang.

Time to round-up the year while it's still fresh in it's grave.The scales of justice, the ying and the yang of 'auld langers syne.' What debit in dacredit crunching "2K and (pieces of) eight? Balance all, bring all to mind, in balance with? What? This life , this deaf?

Rejects ,I've had a few ,butt then again, too many to mention ,( though still, I will)
I did ,what I had to do,
I saw it through,
with all pretension.

On the plus side of the yardstick of righteous judgement there was , is , and always shall be, till death us delete. (But first, On Westmoreland Street this (Sic Itur ad) saturday I was robbed of poetry ,at shutter speed taken from me, curmudgeonly, is how it seemed to me.)Anyway, in the creation / publication credit Bank this last year 2008 were:

The cover shot of 'Let's be alone together' -brilliant short story anthology from Da stinging fly.

Photo in The Dubliner magazine 'Night and day exhibition'

Six ( now lost) photos in Magma

Photo in Da Dubliner magazine

Photo ( now lost) in The (summer) SHOp

Poem in the (summer) SHOp

Two photos in summer stinging fly

Poem in Jan Revival

Poem in July Revival.

In the rejection debit section the total were:

Stinging fly -poems

The SHOp - poems

The corduroy mountain- poems

Mermaid Arts Centre- Photos (judged by Theo ( Nemesis) Dorgan)

Patrick Kavanagh Award- poems (judges including Theo dorgan)

West 47 - poems

RHA -photos (now lost)

Arts council grants/bursarys- Nil
Local Arts office grants/ bursaries/ remotest interest-Nil

So (not including grants) the tally is 16 submissions, 9 acceptances and 7 rejections.

For 2009 I hope to salvage my 2 or 3 thousand missing photos, buy a newer, better camera ( are ye listening arts grants people ? No?-Didn't think so!) to not get bitter ,not get twisted, not get dejected and build poems towardsa first collection.This is uncharacteristic, it won't last, I'll be in better humour soon , promise! Self-pity and self-indulgent whining are not attractive qualities so I will edit/delete this post later.

Latest submissions: Still waiting to hear from West 47, The Rialto, and Revival.

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