Thursday, January 22, 2009


TFE'S recession busto feckin tips #2.
(I hope yous iz buyin dem little salady spudz frum Aldi loike Iz alreedy tolt ye! 39 cent shure yah kudn't grow yer owen fer dat)

Costa coffeee -where I go whenever I can to have a medium skinny(unlike meself) latte and an almond croissant ,or chocolate twist, and do d'easy irishytimes crossword(sure ye'd have to have a tweed jacket to do d'udder yoke) - have a little buke fer sale called,'Frothy tales' A book o very short stories by their wroiter in rezidens(ein gut idea, n'est ce pas?) Davo Spens, and it's only ONE yo-yo and fifty cent! A grand little yoke dat ye can fit in yer pocket and read whenever ye have a minute, or two, as that is about da lenght o da storiees. Or if ye iz eider too tight, or too broke ta pay dat ,ye can read em fer free on da costo website; They iz supportin writin so maybeez we shud suporrto dem too? Our Lokal Costo alzo take old poetry mags from me, to leave out fer da kustomers, which is cool. I'll post a foto of da little buke when I can find de little feck again- oh so mucho beautifool clutter o bukes n mags at da moment in d'house!
Da costa awards have just been announced too, as follows;

One winner is selected in each of the five categories; Novel, First Novel, Biography, Poetry and Children's Book, and each category-winning author receives £5,000.
This year's Category Award Winners are:
2008 Costa First Novel Award Winner
Sadie Jones - The Outcast
Click here to read more
Judges: "This books portrayal of pain makes it a riveting and heartbreaking read - it's rare for a first novel to be this assured."

2008 Costa Novel Award Winner
Sebastian Barry - The Secret Scripture
Click here to read more
Judges: "This exquisitely written love story takes you on an unforgettable journey - you won't read a better book this year."

2008 Costa Biography Award Winner
Diana Athill - Somewhere Towards the End
Click here to read more
Judges: "A perfect memoir of old age - candid, detailed, charming, totally lacking in self-pity or sentimentality and above all, beautifully, beautifully written."

2008 Costa Poetry Award Winner
Adam Foulds - The Broken Word
Click here to read more
Judges: "It is a rare achievement to write a poetry book that the reader simply can't put down. Readers of poetry and fiction alike will be swept along by its chilling narrative."

2008 Costa Children's Book Award Winner
Michelle Magorian - Just Henry
Click here to read more
Judges: " This is a master storyteller at work with the sort of descriptive writing that is a joy to read. Just Henry is a soaring, uplifting warm bath of a book - a wonderful roller-coaster of a story which we all absolutely loved."

To see last year's Category Award Winners, click here....

kant git da klikety klik yokes ta wurk yiz will have to wurk dat out fer yerselves. Sine.
oh yeh, be da way, twould be a bit churlish o me ta mention, (especially as proceeds are charitable and da buke is total bargain))only i mention it in a different context entirely, da buke iz 1 pound in Englo and yet respective currencies are almost at parity.I note too dat d'irishtimes (€1.80)isonly £1.10 in da Nort.Iz we still in rip-off Eire? Rhetorikal kwesto. Fugh it I'm off ta me pit now-wrecked altogether. Nite Niyte, sleep tite ,don't let da recesso bite.

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BarbaraS said...

Hope you got a gud nite's sleep... The costa coffee book sounds interesting, pity there isn't one near me to ask... but then I don't get out much!

Women Rule Writer said...

None here either. None of your fancy chainstore coffee spots in this town. Just two local joints that burn every scone they make...The joy of the sticks.

Totalfeckineejit said...

Hey B a gud nites sleep? yeah ya wudn't beleeve, after being a totally chronic insomniac all my adult life I have turned into wotever is the oppposite-a somniac perhaps? Head hits pillow and before you can say 'Man Utd la-la- la top o da league' It's morning. Encroyable n'est ce pas?
HEy N, no kosta lotty in da wesht? Thats very bad and very good.
A) Tink o all da luverrly kowfee kreations und sarnies (toasted or non toasty according to ones predilection but never burno- no!) et kokermillish ye is missin out on.
2) On the udder paw ponder ye the massive savin O stamps ye is makin for luverrly comes at mucho pricey.Innit?.

Jeanne Iris said...

Hey TFE! Would love to own a copy of Frothy Tales! Alas, I cannot even order it from Amazon. Perhaps, it'll still be on sale when I finally make my way across the pond this summer, ya think?

Totalfeckineejit said...

I'd say they would be still on sale Jeanne, but I could see if I could post one to you at the university if you like?

Women Rule Writer said...

Hi Total
Thanks for the book! I blogged a bit about it over at mine.

Totalfeckineejit said...

No prob WRW yer welcome and tanx fer da link in yer kosta post

BarbaraS said...

Thanks for the book, TFE. Looks really interesting. Maybe we could get some Irish coffee chain to show some interest in doing something like that... or maybe not, given the CEC... :(

Totalfeckineejit said...

not a bodder B. In The Peoples Republic of EEjit,of which Iwill be king(I know I should be prezdint but shure feck it I always fancied been a kingo) there will be free, yes free, kowfee agus kokermillish for every poet and shoirt storee merchant in de land and also a small discount fer (un-published) novelistos.Vive la revvvylotion comrades we ave nuttin to lose but our chainsaws.Rise up ,rejoice I tell ye da day is komin soon, I aks ye komrades kan we do it? -Kan we feck , but still I have a dream.