Wednesday, January 28, 2009

RHYMING POETRY-Duz you Duz ,or Duz ye Don't?

In the shortly to be formed Peoples Republic Of EEjit,(located on a floating, continuously sunny, tropical Island near Trabolgen Co. Waaatherfurd) , all rhyming poetry will be banned subjectio to the discretion of the king (me) who has discovered the odd goog bit o rhymo recently, mucho to me surprise.Be da way I nose a Republo should have a Presdent but I just fancy been a King. Oh yis, be dudder way, anyone found roitin Haiku will be cast adrift like dose lads on de raft o da Medusa on da Pogues album cover.(Rum, sodo, agus da lasher)
No exceptos no reprieves unless I changes me tune.(which I always iz)

Hating poems that rhyme

Is a little pastime of mine
unlike others in wonderland
Let’s be not underhand
I’m not saying ‘Off , off!’
With the head of Roger McGough
But poems often get sinned in
punched like Danny McAlinden
though a spade is still a spade
a rose is not by it’s rhyme made
verse is better off
without the rhyming stuff
but what if they cry enough
and leave us in a huff
shouting it’s a poet plot to kill
their trying to make us ill
it’s a cunning master plan
to smash our rhyming dam
its not a con to steal
or make a crooked deal
it’s not a Derridean catch
to which I’d put a match
its something less obscene
just a little rhyming scheme.


Liz said...

Nice Pogues stuff there, TFE, it's been ages.
Not much one for end-rhyming poems either, but there are a few I'd soften the catch/match/obscene/scheme of your own piece.
Love poems with rhymes and lilting bits inside though so I rule out nothing, just in case... ; )

BarbaraS said...

Oh I do love a bit of Pogues and that track always makes me a tiny bit teary.

Rhyme, well, I duz and I duzn't - but I like it when 'tis done well... and this isn't bad at all... how did you get the Derridan into it ;)

Women Rule Writer said...

Rhyme can be good. Not in a Hallmark card kind of way, but subtly done. And a little bit of assonance never hurt anyone...I think I'll be on that haiku raft though. I do love a neat haiku.

Dave King said...

Oh yes, I laughed a lot at this. Did me ole soul good, it did! Chuffed!

Totalfeckineejit said...

Yes Liz, ye canno bate a bit o da Pogues-timeless classics dough very much synonymous wit me glory years:)

Glad ye loike da Pogs too B. and da brown siuil is grand for an auld blub,as fer Derrida anudder one I loves to hate ;)

Dont worry N I is king and I will turn a blind eye to d'odd haiku so long as dere is nay breakout o tanka :)

Glad ye loiked it Davo twas meant to be a bit o fun, gotta lok after da soul man :)

Dominic Rivron said...

A haiku that rhymes:
for the price of one, two crimes.
It's the raft for me!


Totalfeckineejit said...

The cut of your Haiku jib,
tickled me in da rib-
Royal pardon !

Quincy said...

Ummm... rhyme... Well, much as Barbara says, it's really a matter of doing it well, JUST AS IS THE CASE FOR EVERY OTHER LITERARY DEVICE THERE IS. Just because I've seen some really stupid metaphors in my time hardly means I'm declaring war against metaphor.

I suspect the moronic prejudice against rhyme in poetry (did I just say "moronic"? Yes, yes I did) has its origins in two distinct things:

1. The desire to seem progressive and all. Rhyme is just so... the bulk of poetry in the last 700 years or so in the English language. We, on the other hand, as forward-thinking sorts, prefer to bivouac in... the early part of the twentieth century. Except that most of the great Modernists used rhyme when they felt it warranted, too.

2. Let's face it, when one reads an unrhymed free-verse poem that's not terribly good in shape or flow, finding the language for why can be difficult. When meter and rhyme are deployed, it is generally quite ,i.obvious,/i. what isn't working, and my. It could be wrenched syntax to get the rhyme for "elephantiasis" two lines up, too much endstopping on lines leading to the dreaded iambic stomp, not enough substitution, too much substitution. But you can tell, and there's a language for expressing what's wrong. With thin, lineated prose, who can say, exactly?

Which is not to say that there isn't a great deal of very good free verse out there. There's more free verse than metrical verse getting published, and it's unsurprising that there's more good, free verse out there. But there's also more crap free verse out there, too.

Totalfeckineejit said...

Hey Quincy thanks for dropping by,you and your comments are most welcome thank ye :) I guess you are right there are only 2 types of poetry,good and bad, and whether they rhyme or not is neither here nor there.As I freely admit I am certainly a totalfeckineejit, but have not yet been clinicaly proven a moron- So I really cannot blame my dislike of rhyming poetry on my lack of intelligence.(Though who knows, maybe tis a contributory factor)If I had to pin it down I probably would lay blame at the feet of Roger McGough.Idon't mean I'm blaming his feet though and it's probably totally unfair, unfounded and irrational, and I'm sure that if I thought he would read this I wouldn't say it at all because he's probably really nice and I'd rather say good things about people but there you are and at least i will refrain from expanding on the reasons why.Though it has a lot to do wit his delivery, the way he looks and his poems and his attitude and...

Uiscebot said...

I dough and I donut. But feckin you should never dismiss rhyme. It can be the chasing of a rhyme that can make a poem. It also carrys more weight in performance pieces I think - evokes that chanty shamanic mysteriousness of our tribal pasts or something. Rhyme is the most obvious way of doing it - but all poetry should be a manipulation of reader, the structure is like the soundtrack that gets you ready to jump in a horror movie or bawl at a weepie.

And for the record - i despise haikus,

and poems
that just sound
like ordinary
where the typist
keeps hitting
the enter key

Totalfeckineejit said...

Good man, Uiscebot.I get where ye are coming from, I guess it's just certain rhymes that leave me cold.

P.A.H ! Poets Against Haiku, unite brothers and Sisters and we shall overcome.

Feck! I tink I's dun a few dem hittin d'enter key poems, Oops!