Friday, April 23, 2010


computer broken.I think McAfee broke it. the bastards.I've snuck int the librarybnd blagged 10 mins but I forgot my glasses and I can barely see athing. Argent is driving the bus this week.Please click on her link in my sidebar to see this weeks task.It's amazing how familiar the keys are as I can type almost blind.But for all I know this mcould be coming out in swahilish.The font on this screen is tiny even if i wasn't blind i could not see it.

GET ON THE BUS remember your poems are needed to save the world.Every time you write a poetry bus poem another angel poet gets his wings.Unless he/she is downstairs (lets face it most will be0 in which case they get a hot poker up the hole.

Get on the bus, get over to Argent.Click over there on the right hand sise.

McBastardAfee tech support are ringing m,e on Mon.Hope that fixes the dell from hell.Else I'm sunk.

Keep the faith.Get writing.Wish I could see my emails.I've probably won the Nobel prize or sumptin but will miss out by not replin and they'll give it to 'chop his head off Roger McGough instead.AAArrrggghh.

In the meantime if there is an emergency sent Walter the mail pigeon.He's i hhes in a loft at the top of the poolbg chimney stacks.

Pip pip! TFE.


ArtSparker said...

No, no – not you too – Titus may be able to advise you later as she is getting advice this evening.

Heather said...

Computers are the very devil aren't they Peadar? I managed very well for more than 70years without one, then started to use one and began to rely on it and what does it do but muck about and let me down all the time. Hope you can soon get yours sorted. They are certainly a test of one's patience.

Dr. Jeanne Iris said...

Love that header photo! Is that off the coast of Dun Laoghaire?

With me new spectacles, I can see your keyboard from here, through the volcanic ash cloud and across the pond, TFE.
But you did just fine, typing behind your personal visual cloud, yessiree, just fine!
TTYL...avec mon list! : )

Unknown said...

Hoping the computer is fixed soon--that is such a drag. I worry about my old (largely re-built) machine, but at least I have the laptop "just in case." Best wishes!

Titus said...

We're in the same boat, TFE.
Good luck on Monday.

Christine H. said...

That's what I hated most about my Dell. It was always downloading some virus protection this and that and slowing down everything else. I am not one of those people who is in love with her Mac, but I sure like it a lot better than the alternative.

Enchanted Oak said...

Oh, TFE. This is a voice calling in the wilderness. So sorry!

Anonymous said...

Dear EEjit
sorry to be boring but ... buy a mac:-) (although we have had one of those die too, but mainly from overuse, not virus attack)
good luck with the computer

Karen said...

I had hoped to find you back up and running! Titus is having the same problem - apparently a McAfee issue. I hope you're back in action soon.

Oh, and bring the glasses next time!

2smart said...

I found your blog (via Ragged old blogger) and the title alone was enough to make me hoot with laughter.You were irresistable as a start to the week. Thanks for the good start to the day. Now orf to read more. hope the computer recovers quickly, need another fix with my coffee

Ann said...

Hope all is sorted and Dell from Hell is better now.

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

o no - disaster for the TFE. hopefully you'll be up and running soon.

PS - are you still looking for replacement drivers, as i'd be willing to do a week

Drop me a response on my blog with dates

I think you'd approve of the verification word: fulfucit

Titus said...

There is this person called Alesa who is an angel. I have recovered my material, and am currently in the process of recovering my computer. Both Alesa's suggestions spot on: the second was dust, which was seriously blocking the fan and causing a lot of the shut down issues, we suspect.