Saturday, March 7, 2020

How long since the last post?!

Time to get back in the saddle, yahoooo! To All The Proselytising Pouters. We hear ya. We also see ya. And this, as we are simple folk, leads to some confusion. Self, selfish, selfie. Cause, caws, effect. Aren't you gorgeous as you pout, and all the worthy things you spout, hat on, gloss on, right on, lovely woman, lovely man, doing all the things you can, for racism,sexism,starvation, homelessness, if not gormlessness, in your poutiessness. Ah, we love you, (not as much as you love yourself) and we love your friends, (not quite as much as they love you) symbiotic amniotic fluid gives birth to all your dreams, your circles as tight, as a sick duck's arse. Oh, your stellar skies, as in the IT you explain the whys and wherefores of literary bores, you lovely man, you courageous woman, where would we be without your words, sublime guidance, like missiles over borders, you are the main courses and the whore d'oeuvres. Mwah! WE LOVE YOU!