Friday, October 4, 2013

A blank page, like a sheet of snow, perfect, it covers everything, all the dirt and debris beneath and you've just got to get the size 9 wellos onto it, into it, steal a Subaru Impreza and donut the world back into reality, fragility, ugly isolation, vituperative vicissitudinous machinations preparations delegations and procrastinations,well? Maybe. Later on.
Such temptations, such freedoms to speak, what holds back, tugs the coattails, don't push this to the abyss, just look in, from the edge,don't do, see what looks back from the black. Take words out, let lies, lie, truth dares,multitude of sins in us, pulchritudinous , paltry chewed in us, fortune fooled in us, life wasted by us, weighted bias, nighttime google vision, starlit monotheism , sotto crescendo, fresco, duodenum, step ladder. Words. People saying words doing deeds picking up stones throwing voices shoutly louding, deadpan eyes, windows, curtains replaced by blinds. How was this path trod, how many bootmarks in the white, this snowy landscape, this beautiful escape, why, how is it, how do they, dare they, how say they, who says they can say, where this is where where is this is this where is this where are we, going? Do we leave any trace in the snow after the snow has gone? And does it matter. Anti matter.The grave it e of the sit you a shun.Transcend mental medication. Letters pray.