Thursday, December 6, 2012


At last! PB4 has been bolted together from raw flesh and bone and steel in a well used shed in Co.Wicklow. 130 pages of brilliance will be perfect bound and encased in a matt laminate cover and given electrical charges and vodka until it comes pounding into life!

This may be the greatest creation since the wheel (8000 years BC) and the pop up toaster (1567 AD)
Use the 'Buy Now'  above to order before stocks and the sands of time run out of the house and go live in a commune in Zagreb. Prices are €14 for Ireland and €15 for the rest of the world and include postage and packaging and a MIGHTY 12 track CD of music and spoken word.

I'll tell you more about the magazine when my eyeballs stop bleeding and exhaustion turns to euphoria.

Here's a taster! Illustrations from PB4 plus track by Laura Moody plus a few photos of my own.