Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Jewel is let out

So my book, my first collection of poetry 'Jewel' is back from the printers and out in the post. I should get my copies tomorrow. It's a weird feeling. The real sheer unadulterated joy,the magic,the relief, the release, was when I was offered a book deal. Nothing before or since quite compares to that life changing moment. And it is life changing, not world changing, not a big deal in the great scheme of things, but in the little moments of an ordinary life it's a cosmic shift. Anything else good that happens now is an added bonus. So I'm really looking forward to seeing my book in the flesh. And flesh is the right word here. The catalyst, the tender hurt, the anger , almost half a century of emotion is laid raw here in 68 pages. Some of it is not pretty. Sometimes life is not pretty. And still this is a lovesong for hope and for, well, love. People like me don't often get heard, I was on the verge of oblivion, Jessie Lendennie of Salmon Poetry plucked me from the abyss. I could not be more overjoyed, I could not be more grateful.I could never thank her enough. This was the only party in town. If you'd like a copy, you can order it

Friday, May 11, 2012


How soon is now.

I’m hearing mellow but I’m not feeling it
And then ? Well then.
So I listen
to now put then away,
another broken piece of yourself.
How much is left,
when every tiny victory in a hill of defeat
Is phyrrhic?
Poets are cracked pots broken in translation.
Now sun streams in the window
as sense goes out.
Pieces of a man.
Pieces of eight.
Put creation in the drawer.
Lock away vulnerability.
Shelter kindness.
Ambition has walked in the door.

I listened to Gil Scott Heron's song on Rachel's blog and wrote this at the same time. Great to be back in the saddle! Well done Rachel!
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