Monday, January 4, 2010

Sparkey ArtSparkers latest Spark

"Confetti?" scoffed Grandpa. "Why, when I was a boy, we celebrated The New Year properly, with the time-honored tradition of travelling to The Himalayas armed with nothing but a pea shooter and a bottle of Tizer, then hunting down herds of Yetis, bagging a lively one , taking it home and marrying it. .....Ain't she still just so darned pretty?"

Alls we had to do was finish the Sparkey drawing then finish the caption "Confetti?" scoffed Grandpa. "Why, when I was a boy, we celebrated The New Year properly, with the time-honored tradition of.........

To join in (Go on, ya will, ya will, ya will, ya WILL!!) go here...


ArtSparker said...

Thank you for that exxtremely lovely addition.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Brilliant - and totally in line with your usual sense of humour!

Heather said...

What madness are you luring us into now, Mrs.Doyle!! I can't think up anything interesting/funny right now, as my head feels full of old socks but it's a great idea.

Argent said...

Hahaha - most amusing, sir! And what a comely wnch she makes too!

Coffee Messiah said...

You outdid yourself on this one, and like your short stories.


Smoke said...

haha, I fink i finally found a blog that makes sense. I am looking forward to reading it.

Totalfeckineejit said...

Smoke! I'm glad I make sense to someone somewhere!

Bill said...

Brilliant. I thought this was a really hard one!

Apologies if you know it, but I reminded myself just then of the joke about the three nuns who went to heaven. St Peter said: "Hm. You're nuns. I'm afraid you have to pass a bible quiz in order to be let in. I'm going to ask you all a question."
The nuns look a bit worried. To the first he asks:
"What was the name of the first man?"
They all visibly lighten up.
"That's easy," replied the first nun. "Adam."
To the second he said:"What's the name of the first woman?"
"That's easy," replied the nun. "Eve."
To the third he said:"What did the first woman first say to the first man?"
The third nun looked taken aback.
"Oh dear," she said, "that's a..."
I stop at this point as I make a point of not typing scurrilous things in people's comments. Suffice to say, St Peter says "Exactly!" and lets her in.