Sunday, January 3, 2010


The big I am

I am a kite flying

a priest lying

a Bank Manager crying

a tax dodger dodging

a vulture circling

a specialist panel beater beating

(I've never seen the opera)

I am a judge judging

a thief stealing

a cat laughing

a doer doing

a drunk drinking

a dead man walking

Through the round window

The engine roaring

the alarm wailing

the hard rain falling

Oh shite!

There's the finish line

I should have run slower

and with more style.

Three football chants re-written


We are mankind

no-one likes us

we don't care


You're gonna get your

ssia's cashed in!


Bertie Ahern superstar

did he have a licence

when he drove the car?

Don't be

at it





rearing up on your bike like that

a stranger

Poor and content is rich enough: He had

A mother

a father

a sister

no brothers

his chances

a good innings

There is


a god

a hazelnut in every bite

at least seventy ways of skinning a cat

a point

Johhny was


my best friend

a good man

At night

I used to hate the ticking clock

it reminded me I was going to die

Now I don't mind it so much

as it lets me know

I'm still alive

I am



Dangerous to know

Like Tony Healy


A poet

Forever young

None of the above

One of the above

At it

On it

My own enemy

The one that got away


Dr. Jeanne Iris said...

TFE, these poems of yours are en-

Love the new photo, too!

Moira said...

Oh shite! is my favourite. It often happens that I am so focussed on the destination that I forget to enjoy the journey.

The Weaver of Grass said...

TFE. Words fail me!
They obviously don't ever fail you - brilliant, lots of food for thought, bit of cynicism, bit of humour, clever stuff - good start to blogging 2010; happy new year.

PS word verification is makelies -not sure what to make of that!

Niamh B said...

TFE - another batch of brilliance. I do particularly like "Oh Shite" esp when I think of it, in the "Life is a journey" as opposed to "My name is Bolt and I want to break the world record by only a little bit every time, so I can make max money" kind of way.
Don't be is a great one too, esp the way it ends, lovely.

Heather said...

You've been busy already in 2010 TFE - good stuff. The football chants are fun but the last poem is my favourite. Why do we always have to choose a favourite - I don't know, it just happens. Happy Blogging and life in general, hopefully.

Dominic Rivron said...

Brilliant. Looks like there's a rich vein here - one could fill a book with poems in this style. Laconic, witty, short-lined, hitting nails on the head stuff.

steven said...

hey tfe! oh shite would be fave of this pile. it's important to slow up and pose for the cameras as you race through life. steven

Argent said...

Saw them
read them
Knew them
loved them all!

Phoenix C. said...

Oh shite! seems to be a favourite, and it's my favourite too - as a poem and also because it speaks to me.

Love the header photo too!

ArtSparker said...

This is quite a bouquet of contemplations. They make me smile.

Yes, the curse of having an aesthetic sensibility, always wishing to have done it with more grace.

Anonymous said...

I am loving 'Oh Shite' but really all your words are equally pleasing to my mind's eye.

Kat Mortensen said...

Some dead on bits in these TFE.(I wish I knew the original chants though.)

My favourite is the one about the clock. It must be our age, is it?