Saturday, June 20, 2009


I’m on the road to nowhere.
Nowhere is somewhere
I’ve often been
Seldom do you go back to miss
The things you’ve never seen
Two wheels, four wheels
We all have our wagons
To fall from.
Tales To tell,
tell me yours,
I’ll show you mine.
Take that ride
Radio Luxemburg to
Guide us, moonlight
Beside us, ride baby ride,
Seize the night.


Liz said...

Oh Radio Luxemburg - what a memory!
A jaunty piece with a certain flair, TFE, fits in well with your great photo...and yes, we just mosey along and keep our heads down and noses clean hoping we don't stir any dragons!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Love it - so apt for that long straight road in the photo header TFE. Reminds me (a bit) of the Christy Moore song "Ride On", which is one of my favourites.

Heather said...

I like this TFE - someone should set it to music for you.

John Hayes said...

Hi TFE: Nice riding into the night poem. As you may have noticed I've been a day late & a dollar short all week, but I did link to this from RFBanjo for Original Poetry Sunday.

Sandra Leigh said...

"We all have our wagons to fall from" is a very cool line.

Mairi said...

Well, it's not often I get the pleasure of meeting - in the cyberspace sense of the word - a haggis farmer who writes poetry. We used to have a little toy haggis once with its one leg shorter than the other from running round hills. Your farm must have a terrain rather like Patrick Kavanagh's. "Who owns them hungry hills
That the water-hen and snipe must have forsaken?
A poet? Then by heavens he must be poor."
You seem rich enough to me, even going nowhere. Nice to have made your acquaintance. I'll have to thank John Hayes for the introduction.

Heather said...

I like this TFE and think someone should set it to music for you. If this comment appears twice I apologise. I posted it yesterday but it didn't appear, so I'm having another go.

Totalfeckineejit said...

Thanks ,Liz, Jaunty it is, dodging the dragons with our heads down and noses wiped. :)

Thanks ,Weaver,I love Christy Moore singing that song too.It was written by a great songwriter ,Jimmy MacCarthy, here's another of his that I really like, 'No Frontiers 'sung by Mary Black

That would be great ,Heather, if anyone out there wants to put music to those words I would be over the proverbial moon.Song for me is always so much more emotive than just the spoken word.I think there at least 2 musicians are occasional visitors to this parish hint, hint, John and Dominic :)

Thanks John for the link and did you see that great suggestion from Heather???

Thanks Sandra Leigh, I liked that line too,guess what my wagon is ? Hic!

Hello Mairi,nice to meet you too.I thought all Haggis farmers wrote poetry? Nice lines from Kavanagh. By selective breeding we've eliminated the shorter leg syndrome from the haggis.It was grand if they were running round the hill upwards with the shorter leg hillside but as soon as turned round they fell over.

Hello again, Heather, yes it is twice but I think it well worth repeating that these words could be set to music by somebody.Thanks Heather, maybe you could keep saying it till somebody has a go ! :)

Poetikat said...

I definitely echo the others who think this has the makings of a song in it. I also agree with Sandra about that "wagons" line. Ain't it the truth?


Totalfeckineejit said...

Thanks, Kat.Must tell you that I played your fathers' day poem to Mrs EEjit and it made her cry.She thinks you have a great voice and so do I.

BarbaraS said...

Nice work TFE. I'd love to have you in our CW classes, we'd enjoy your provoking pieces. I love the Radio Luxembourg bit!

Totalfeckineejit said...

Kind words ,B,Thank ee.I would love to do one of your C/W classes.Do you give scholarships /Grants for the hard of (L)earning? Do you take immature mature students? Could you teach me to write proper so that I may have many volumes of poetry published and a sparkling literary career.I know it's out moded but I se myself being incredibly rude and arrogant,volubly and viloently farting whilst eating caviar canapes and quaffing Kristal champers, I want to be ejected from the Horseshoe bar in The Shelbourne(where I will have a permanent address) for peeing on the carpet and eating the floral arrandements whilst singing 'I've a lovely bunch of coconuts' I want to be the first guest on the late late show to knock Ryan Tubridy's teeth out in a light hearted brawl and give one to everyone in the audience,,I want to become ruler of ireland in a new political poetry coup baced by the irish army and force all members of the Dail to conduct their business while tied three legged race style to members of the opposition(I'm thinking Enda Kenny and Mary Harney for a start)I'm going to make Aldi take cash only so that the lovely hard working people on the tills no londer have to say 'Kasherlazer' when you're buying your 4 pack of St Etienne with coins you found down the back of the sofa.I could say more ,I could ask more but I have visitors coming at six and I've been on the lasdh and I need to concentrate on looking like I can walk in a straight line.Later comrades.Thank you, B.

Jeanne Iris said...

With slight editing, this poem could easily be sung to the tune of 'The Yellow Rose of Texas.' You'd be in excellent company, too, for all of Emily Dickinson's poems can be sung to that same tune.
It must be a sign! :-)

Jeanne Iris said...

btw...I love the photo of the road! It speaks to me in an 'elegic' manner. (new wv)

Poetikat said...

Aw, thanks, TFE. I'm honoured to have had my poem shared with your lady-love. Say, "hello" for me, will you?


Hah! The capture is: "hipso" - almost!

Totalfeckineejit said...

Welcome back, Jeanne,glad you made it home safe.Must look up the yella rose and also Emily Dickenson ,no end of people mention her and the one poem I read I liked.That WV dictionary must be nearing completion, could be a big seller! :)

Hey, Kat, Mrs EEjit says 'Hi' back :) And 'Hipso'could go into Jeanne's dictionary to describe a drunken hippo.

Poetikat said...

TFE and MRS. Come on over and help me celebrate!


Mad Aunt Bernard said...

I remember Radio Luxembourg on a little radio under my pillow to mask the sound! Love this poem, feck. If my musical skill wasn't so cack, I'd put it to music.

Totalfeckineejit said...

Thanks Auntie,do you remember how the Luxemburg radio signal used to fade in and out? I was amazed when I bought the records and they didn't do the same -EEjit!

Totalfeckineejit said...

What are you celebrating ,Kat? Are we too late? Should we bring a bottle?