Friday, April 8, 2011


The angled Son of The Perpendicular.

I am a crooked line

and I’ve walked a crooked mile,

sang every crooked song,

wishing for sixpence-

though none the richer,

I was Home

with the Devil at the stile.

Kittens never cats, barrel bound

each hungry mouth,except

the one that caught the mouse,

I let it go, we all let everything go

from that crooked little house.

Spuds laughing on the plate,

sods of humid turf wasting sweet in the grate,

and the hurried lorries of change

like thunder of our fate

on the one way tarmac road,

Before Tony hung himself,

Before I was afraid,

Before the heavy rains,

Before the internal storms that rage

would always scream,

in forgiveness, and for mercy

in every crooked line.


The Bug said...

Wow, this was very powerful. I like what you did with the crooked line!

Titus said...

My God, TFE, that's strong. Really strong.

Heather said...

Another very strong and moving poem Peadar. You have so much to give.

Niamh B said...

My first thought was that crooked sixpence poem as well...

Great title, and yes, very very strong poem

izzy said...

Oh my, love it! and I think you landed me on the thread tail of mine!!! Thanks-

Brian Miller said...

wow, truly powerful really picked up the second stanza and then kicked it up a noths from there...the line that haunted me though was the end of the second stanza...

First Bus Ride

Helen said...

The combination of your poem, the music and video art = the best! Overwhelming. A word I probably overuse, but it fits.

Dr. Jeanne Iris said...

"We all let everything go." Such a poignant statement there, Peadar. Reading this poem places me right in an croí na Eire. Your ability to transport is magical, my friend.

Peter Goulding said...

Funny how crooked and sixpence are forever associated in the mind. Another deep and disturbing poem from your boundless mind.

Enchanted Oak said...

Brian uses the word "haunt" and I'm stricken by the thought that your poetry is always haunting, Peadar.

Your mind is my favorite haunted house.

We’ve all gone crooked

Louise said...

Strong words, well said,kinda sent you one direction, before hitting you hard.

NanU said...

Your work is always so strong, Peadar; it's amazing what you come up with week after week.
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