Monday, January 31, 2011

NanU part two! And sits vac!

So wonderful science girl, NanU is still at the helm of the bus. A marathon double, never been done before (ithink) So well done to her and a mighty big thanklo!
New drivers are urgently required apply in writing to the comments box. Nobody has yet been refused so the chances of getting the gig are pretty high!

Previous drivers may apply, all are welcome.The people's poetry bus is an equal opportunities employer.

We offer no money but excellent working conditions with huge job satisfaction, you could be the instigator, the twisted fire starter of new poetry! Oh, the power, think of it! Driving a packed out talent laden creative catalyst around da woild! You can start this very week with a prompt in the next few days for poems on Monday, first come first served!
You will be part of a worldwide, world famous, phenomenon and it will look really good on your CV, as well as your gravestone. Make things happen, drive the bus before you die. Or after if you can!

I don't think I quite fulfilled the brief of NanU's second prompt, to build a poem up over time and across different moods, but then anything goes on the bus so long as you write. But it did make me rewrite, which is something I rarely do, and that's the whole point, to create something that might not exist only for the bus. I'll probably rewrite it some more and see what I end up with.

Roses by the river

Blood and Petals

Only words

Are they enough

Holding on


Face down


In self importance

Speaking mirrors syllables

By any other name



To cause

the effect

your pocket demons

safe on the banks

Grab your towel

Grab your comb

Run for your life

The skies full of

Your alien spacecraft, closer

In the rear view mirror

City beams burn,

Cut, pull yourself apart

Kill yourself for one more poem

Kill yourself just to make it stop

This war of the words

This plague this pestilence

This poison

This butterfly knife

This poetry

Reigning down

Will kill us all.


NanU said...

oooh, now that's one for Volume 2. Such power, the pocket demons! word verification: bowelpit. That should be in there too.

Titus said...

First, I can't drive till term's over, feel a bit of a heel but I don't even have a candle left to burn at the moment.

Second, phew what a scorcher! Yes, incredible last three lines but I also really loved the succession of these three:
'Grab your towel
Grab your comb
Run for your life'

Heather said...

That's a powerful one Peadar. The muse seems to have left me at present but it is good to see what others are up to. Hope you'll soon feel better. Take care, keep warm and don't breathe on your dear Mrs.Feck!!

The Weaver of Grass said...

My sentiments exactly. Do wish I could get back into writing poetry again - still suffering from shock I think - but keep trying.

Niamh B said...


Dr. Jeanne Iris said...

Love the wordplay cascading throughout this one, TFE!
Hope you're feeling better.