Friday, January 21, 2011

Double bopple bop labofranco

Now you see, the thing is, is it? Yes! I guess. Anyway how could you be supposin what I'm proposin? The thing is. The real thing is that. 'That' is the real thing, not this, nor those, nor rhubarbstyillification. And anyway. Could it be. Is it, it?. Well know, or now?!

But mainly the thing is that it's time for another Poetry Bus prompt and tis funny for the prompt is never prompt, tis always late, due to me.
But buses are rarely on time. They are gloriously unreliable. Lord bless us , save us, and guide us from reliable prompt people and their regimented ways of measuring tapes and stopwatches and rain guages.
Enough is never less than sufficient and we are sufficiently ontime, though I must waffle on a bit to deter the half-heartedly sensible casual poetry traveller er er er um tiddly um pum tum.

Many glorious felicitudes to the multitudes that embarked on last weeks journey within, without the aid of breathing apparatus, beyond the afflatus of our own creative genius.

Brava, bravo, and alfa tango foxtrot, charlies gone and left the begonias in Kitty's, and so on and so forth of firth type thing. So!
This week, and forsooth verily the following week, tis the turn of intrepid scientist and bilingualist at leastish among other varied talentios tis the turn of NanU

who is a bubble gum, bubble blowing champion , capable of blowing a hot air balloon sized bubble from chewing 1016 packets of hubba bubba at once.This balloon sized strawberry flavoured behemoth actually floated NanU into outer space where she made contact with bubble gum loving aliens from the previously undiscovered planet Kashyyk,inhabited by wookies who loved chewing gum but only had Tobacco, hence the nickname of the most famous wookie,Chewbacca, who later went on to star in the hollyforest blockbuster 'Straw Woes'a film about a milkshake cafe that ran out of plastic straw supplies.

Terrorised at an early age by a horde of stampeding long haired guinea pigs Nan U sought revenge by becoming a scientist dedicated to using guinea pigs as, well, er, guinea pigs.

A keen amateur boxer NanU is lightweight, middle weight, flyweight, butterflyweight, bantam weight, wanton weight, put on weight, lets wait , wait a minute Mr Postman, golden glove champion for 3 years in a row row row your boat gently down the stream.

Get ye gone to her place to see what all the fuss is about. She'll be bravely driving for two whole weeks so be kind to her and mop her fevered brow.Being a clever scientist she has cleverly implanted the prompts into the right hand sidebar of her blog


Heather said...

Just going, right now. Can't compete with you - I'm a woman of few words!

SY said...

I love your style.. must stick around for more
- Sy

Enchanted Oak said...

My favorite part was the assault by guinea pig business. You're very clever, P.