Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I've just hopped on/off the last bus brilliantly driven by Buglet and now here zooms Kat from Kanada with another magical bus ride. Thanks to Bug and everyone who joined in last week. Luckily the Poetry Bus has got snow tyres as we are in blizzard conditions here in County Wicklow and I'm pretty sure that Canada occasionally get's the odd flurry too. So wrap up warm everybody, wear a hat and a scarf. There will be warmed mince pies and teas, coffee, whiskey, mulled wine(yeauch!) served as we go.

Katos bus instructions are ERE

Kato is the founder member of the Canadian meat eating vegetarian society and campaigns tirelessly for the rights of vegetarians to eat meat. Her campaigns have won her worldwide acclaim and she was shortlisted for the Nobel vegetarian prize for her development of a meat based vegetable called the Beef Tomato, but unfortunately it was technically a fruit and the prize was withdrawn. In her spare time Kat likes to whistle , in fact she is quite a virtuoso and can whistle in seven different languages. A talented multi-tasker Kat can type with her eyebrows and knit with her knees while out shopping, all thanks to a specially designed shopping trolley that she has patented and catchily called' The Knit-while-you-type-while-you-shop-Kat Kart'
A keen transcendental meditationist she likes to think about dentistry whilst floating 6 inches above the ground. So get ye over to her place and join in the poetry fun as fun is the watchword for Kats task.
Go for it!!


Niamh B said...


Kat Mortensen said...

Oh my good Gawd! You certainly are giving me attributes that I can hardly hope to live up to!

While I am a veg-o of sorts (eating only chicken and fish, which in most circles is not considered vegetarian at all, I draw the line at Beef of any description (there really IS a Beefsteak Tomato, you know).

As for whistling, I am utterly hopeless and if I ever have to whistle for a dog, I'm sure it will turn around and laugh in my face!

I can type, and knit (somewhat - if you count the two sleeves and front of a fair-isle that I accomplished some twenty odd years ago and then got bored with and donated so some little old lady could have fun unravelling the yarn).

I loathe shopping - unless it's for groceries or alcohol. (So my relatives will be getting Napa cabbage for Christmas and Kev gets a good bottle of Port!)

I DO think about Dentistry (more than most folks, since I have two front porcelain caps, more than my fair share of fillings, and I like to floss to Jeopardy!) (The exclamation comes at the end of the title, by the way.)

Oh, and I DID once levitate off the ground when I was a kid and my bf and her sisters and a few neighbourhood friends and I were dabbling in witchcraft in my bf's basement. I really DID lift off of the ground!

Can you tell that I've been chugging coffee?

See y'all on the Canuck bus! Bring your woolies and some Chapstick. You think you got snow? Ha! You ain't seen nothin' yet!


Kat Mortensen said...

P.S. TFE - I am LOVING the header!

Enchanted Oak said...

Ha! Once more you display your brilliance at biography.