Saturday, December 25, 2010

This is the day

And this is the next poetry Bus , the last bus of Beverley Hills 2010. 2011 is upon us like a wheel upon a bike upon a planet within a wheel.. HERE
Mighty Muse Swings dings the bell telling us to move down the bus, tickets please! Many thanks to Weaver and her beautiful starry poetry parade and also alls the peeps wot rote a pome.

Weaver now handsover to Muse Swings who has spent the last twenty years building a life sized clay model of a life sized clay model of The Taj Mahal, and several other curry houses in her home town. A talented cook, Muse Swings likes to source exotic fresh food, cook it, and eat it. But not necessarily in that order. Muse swings is also a champion blindfold golfer at The Ikanoseeafuginthing Golf Club, her handicap is not being able to see the ball. Or the hole. Or where she left her clubs. Or the golf cart. She once smashed the club record and the club CD player and the clubhouse window with a wayward chip from the bunker on the 17th. Her hobbies include eating sprouts and All Bran and avoiding confined spaces. Her ambition is to become a world class jockey and win the Kentucky Derby riding a fried chicken. So get over to her blog, read the prompt then write the poem. Simples!


Scuttery buttery boom fill basted wasted langrous freaks of snowcrusty rolledstarry crisped even stevens day we will see another one gutter what are wordsorth
fickle me spickle span bespectacle shandy bars handell messiah present tents macushla macdonalds the pale burger rising damp encrusted diamond girl ropped froople tutti fruit riot squad wainscot methusla rattled round me gartle the rocks the perish everybody needs a body sometime half the time out prither the yither yon tum tawdry drum yops yops yops plump buck stately barge pole indeedy credulous indescribability and reindeer and turkey mistleto catch me quick cook me sausage slow tinsel town wrapped up played down and out the heelof the hunt bread and butter Nell flanagans tractor broke but she can foot a pot I know by the black mark I saw it at the dance dishy dish trifley jelly welly moulded rum pum tum scrooptious pulppoosted prickly holly iveagh league boots snudge plunged slush fund monkey mickler hackler backer price of poteen skyrocket pound pocket euro billions for everyone in the audience world wooly jumper mulled wino pine needled rendered rustic ruthless toothless mc Taster flambaster fludgeon blick bludgeoned booster hit flooster flopped floozy no jack ouzi up in the park apres dark chicken tikka mcFlurry snow upon snow upon freakin snow.



Peter Goulding said...

Thanks Peadar and I'll have some of what you're on yourself/
Merry Christmas to you and yours

Marion said...

Merry Christmas to you, too, TFE, and Blessings to boot! xoxo

Niamh B said...

would love to hear that last paragraph read out!
Many happy returns mister

MuseSwings said...

My bio is spot on. How did you know. Please send clay for my Taj project. Merry Christmas to you and your 37 cats.

The Weaver of Grass said...

And a merry christmas to ye too.

English Rider said...

You must feel better after excreting that. I love your random spills with enough direction to loop around from Taj Mahal to Tikki Chicken. Don't think we don't see the method in your madness. (You should probably go lie down now, Merrily).

Titus said...

Merry Christmas TFE!
Have you been at my Damson Gin?
Oops, no, it was me. Again. Medicinal.

Lydia said...

Happy Christmas and New Year to you.

I am bummed. Just now read the "Star" prompt from last week and had one I would have submitted. Teaches me to not be a slacker....guess I have one of my New Year's resolutions now.