Thursday, December 4, 2008

Welcome, welcome, and thrice welcome.

Welcome comrades to an intermittent diary and /or ramblings of a third- rate, or aspiring ,depending on your perspective on life, poet/photographer.
Tonight it is dark (natch) and lashing rain, ideal conditions for the creation of poetry, so I am off now to create. Slan leat. By the way the time is 12.30 am wed, so I haven't a clue why it says 4.13 pm below, unless Dr Who is right and time is wibbly wobbly stuff. On second thoughts not so , time is one eternal moment that we pass through at our own pace so any time you choose at all will be just fine.


Group 8 said...

Hi Total F E,
Good luck with the blog.
Warning: it gets addictive!
Women Rule Writer

Totalfeckineejit said...

Hello WRW, thanks a million for dropping-by and for the encouragement.Are you an insomniac like me, is it your body clock or cyberspace clock that is out of synch, like (both of) mine? Come back real soon ya hear?

Emerging Writer said...

Personally I go all wibbly wobbly when thinking about Doctor Who

Totalfeckineejit said...

Hey, Emerging writer you are most welcome indeed. I love your blog it's so well kept/prolific and full of interesting stuff loads of handy suggestions ideas etc.As the second visitor to my newborn blog you are most cherished indeed. Please look in again, my blog needs you. As for Dr Who I think they are going to get a new one so your wibbles may no longer wobble.