Thursday, February 11, 2010

OOOshanga! and CUSTARD CREAMS!!!!

Boolahooley! (This song IS a rebel song) Mr Bono.

For totalEEjit of The Peeps Republo

sweeps o'er the land

like a mighty wave

God grant him glory

for he is crazee

and opens heaven to all who care

his cause has called him

and will call tomorrow

in another fight against the shite again

It's okay peeps, they got me on milk and alcohol, without the whitestuff. Clothes maketh the man and a fortnight in the Algarve maketh the woman. Clothes and holidays is what we want.

For ask yourselves this (and do not stint on the answership, as truth is reality, is power, is FREEDOM:

'What does it profit a man (or woman, or goat. This is an equal opportunities multilingual equilateral triangle of a Republo) if he/she/ it gains the world, but loses their glasses down the back of the sofa?'

'What do you do when too much is never enough?' And how do you pay for it?

Where have all the flowers gone?

What is the secret of The Black Magic Box? ( Could it be dysentry?)

How do really drunk people find their way home? Do they use giant magnets?

Mr Sheen shines umpteen things clean ,but what if you have more than umpteen things? What if you have in excess of dumpteen things?

Besides, hasn't Charlie got films to make?

Yu see the clever thing is that,

Eskimos build houses, Eskimos live in them and Eskimos collect the rent. Except they're all inuits. (their words , not mine.)

I've just discovered that remembering is a totally fdifferent thing from not forgetting.

And dear people of the ethernet, POETRY BUS THE MAG is looming large on the horizon of my demesne like a giant collosus or a collossal giantus! Either way Baby we were born to RUN, would you look at our calves!

ArtySparkey has designed a totaly NEATO cover, I'm pulling in deadly poems like there's no tomorrow, and very little of next week. I've talked to printers and they've talked back and the thing is taking shape (squareoidous)I've entered the lottery (arse council funding) to prove or disprove an egalitarian approach to the arts.I'm holding my breath but cheating by taking sneaky little intakes through the nose. Honesty is paramount, truth will out if you have integrity, if you don't you will fail or falsely achieve. If you fail with a clean heart , you can have no regrets, fuck it! You live once and the accountant is watching. We will find a way.

Will shortly start a 'POETRY BUS- the magazine ' blog. I'm getting help and guidance,(Hello , my name is EEjit and I am a talcaholic) from The A Team! Mrs EEjit is aboard, Susan Sanford talented artist is aboard, my obnoxious brother ,Kosmo Spreadsheet, is making sure the bus is no freeride for publishing MEEE! and my friends.

Live long and prospero my earthling compatriots, eat, drink and be hairy! The hirsute shall inherit the razor!

As Eva sang in Evita,

'Stuff me, it's so easy to feed me

all I need is fish ,chips ,mushy peas

and a pint of bour-bon'


Liz said...

Deadly! The post-it with the most-it ...take a bow Mr TFE, 'nobody does it better...' (hummed and sung)
; )

Titus said...

LSD. Just say no.
TFE. Just say yes.

Looking forward to the Bus returns and Bus, the magazine, and I must say, your choice of artist is magnificent. I also like the sound of the forebearing Mrs and the brother.

Hoping to see on Monday but hot damn, love poetry's not my forte.

Dominic Rivron said...

I've got a poem scheduled to publish on Monday as per orders!

When I lived in Manchester it was a case of always keep the park railings on the right.

Rachel Fox said...

I like the sound of arse council funding. Dirty money...


Niamh B said...

B U S bus!
B U S bus!
B U S bus!

aleph said...

My God, TFE! I bow down to the power of your words. Your inspiration leaves me breathless!

Argent said...

Woo-hoo! There's no stopping the bus now! Got my ticket for Monday already but might need to add a bit of stuffing in the form of TAXIDERMY methinks.

Poetikat said...

Loved the poem, Eej! Looking forward greatly to the Poetry Bus Mag-blog. Keep us posted!

I'll be there on Monday!


Karen said...

Getting through one of your posts is like riding the bus! It shakes you. It bounces you. It throws you from side to side...and you never know where it's taking you, but it always involves a party! I'm standing here on the side of the road with my thumb out! See you next week!

Moira said...

Ah, sure you're a brave man Eeej, nobody like you. Me and the lads are right behind you!Woo hoo! Up the Irish!

Uiscebot said...

Can't wait!

Heather said...

Well done all of you for getting things moving so fast. All ready with a little something for St. Valentine's Day. Should we post it Sunday or Monday - or doesn't it matter?

the watercats said...

wooo hoooo!!!.. I have barely been able to differentiate my arse from my elbow lately, so I've been missing posting poems the last while.. I'm up for buying one of them mags though :-)
and you're dead right!.. about everything!.. especially that thing about the biscuits!

The Weaver of Grass said...

After reading this my head is in a complete and utter whirl - ie meltdown. Only hope I have got my brains resorted before I have to wait at the bus stop on Monday morning - glad I am not the driver this week.
PS After reading Dominic's comment all I can say is when one#s kids are at Uni 'tis best not to think what they might be doing.!!

Rachel Fox said...

Here's my early folk coming and stuff to do!