Wednesday, February 24, 2010

FREE POETRY BOOKS !!!! A saline solution.

Ok, they're not quite free, but there as near to free as they can be while still costing something,in some cases just one of your English pounds! How cool is that? I think there will be special offers every wednesday.I don't know anything about any of these books but I'll be getting Vincent de Souza's 'Resurrecting knives' and David Kennedy's 'The Devils Bookshop' purely because I like the titles, sure for a squid ye canno go wrong. Poetry ya gotta give it a lick to see if ya like it.

Also the outfit doing this offer is Salt publishing and they are deadly cool, they make some lovely books and seem to be innovative and fresh in their approach.They published our pals Liz Gallagher (The Wrong Miracle) and Nuala Ní Chonchúir's (nude) both of which are fabtastic.

They is very friendly too. Just before Christmas I was enquiring about 'The Missing' by Sián Hughes, as I'd heard great reports about it and it had a great cover.(I'm such a feckin EEjit for neato covers, I'm beginning to think the old adage is wrong) The hardback wasn't dear but I being poorer than an atheistic church mouse with a drink problem asked if a paperback verzione would be up for nabs later and yer man Chris Emery (Head Salty Boy) said he would sell me the hardback for the price of a paperback.I thanked him and said how that was brillo for I was skint, so then he unbelievably sent me the book for free as a Christmas present! How do you like that salt on yer chips? Twas a feckin good book too, I'd highly recommend it. They seem to publish loads of titles as well which is good news for aspiring poetatos. Here's all the clicky things below. And I'm not on a bonus from Salt , not one brown envelope has passed hands, (except the one with the book in it) as presking of peeps republo I is totallo independo, but Chris, if you are reading this (as if) and you have any more free books I'd be delighto! A lot of salt could be good for me after all.

A dozen unmissable offers from Salt as part of our ongoing JustOneBook campaign.
No. 1 Full Colour HB anthology “Poets in View” on offer at 70% off — Buy it now for £3.90!
No. 2 “Sister Morphine” Crime Fiction HB 80% off the RRP! Buy now for just £3.00!
No. 3 Buy Richard Marggraf Turley’s collection, “Wan-Hu’s Flying Chair” for just £1.00!
No. 4 Buy Tony Lopez’s collection, “Covers” for just £1.00!
No. 5 Buy Raymond Friel’s collection, “Stations of the Heart” for just £1.00!
No. 6 Buy John Burnside and Andy Brown’s “Goose Music” for just £1.00!
No. 7 Buy Sascha Aurora Akhtar’s “The Grimoire of Grimalkin” for just £1.00!
No. 8 Buy Vincent De Souza’s “Resurrecting Knives” for just £1.00!
No. 9 Buy Alexander Hutchison’s “Scales Dog” for just £1.00!
No. 10 Buy David Kennedy’s “The Devil’s Bookshop” for just £1.00!
No. 11 Buy Luke Kennard’s “The Migraine Hotel” for just £2.00!
No. 12 Full Col HB anthology “CONTOURLINES” on offer at 70% off — Buy it now for £3.90!

And thanks to everypeep that shat, sorry sat, on the Poetry Bus, twas mighty fine work as usual.I'm thinking hard for next weeks assasination. I mean assignment.


ArtSparker said...

I think I spent time in graphic design partly because it seemed to me that you ought to be able to tell a book by its cover.

Niamh B said...

I like V De Souza's title too, I like his name as well... sounds like only a good writer would have that kind of name... hmmm.
Thanks for pointing out these great offers here sir!
looking forward to the next bus.

Heather said...

I think for some of us, the word assassination is the right one. No one could call what I write poetry, and I think I've got a nerve to join in among such gifted writers. That's a great book list and should satisfy the habit of many who are addicted to poetry.

P Nolan said...

Salt are a very cool outfit. Anddddd... I see they're lined up to publish a collection by Mark Granier later this year, which should be welllllll worth checking out;

Sorry I missed the latest bus - next time.

Totalfeckineejit said...

Sparkey, wouldn't life be easier if we COULD judge peeps and books by their covers? And ,Yes , I think you should nd I've yet to be disappointed by a book where I loved the

Also that is a deadl;y cover that ye magicked for El Busso!

Totalfeckineejit said...

Yeh, Nivby, ya gotta have a gud moniker for roitin. John Steinbeck, or Ernest Hemingway, or Bertie Ahern.

Totalfeckineejit said...

You is too modest young Heather!

Totalfeckineejit said...

Mark Granier, I know that name from somewhere. Stingling fly? Get on the next bus Padhraig, we've saved a seat for ya!


Wow, TFE, your poem has exhausted me! So much action and excitement! :D

Well, it is still Monday here in the states, so if you don't mind opening up that bus door a smidge...!.html#