Saturday, March 20, 2010

THe (monday) SUndaY Pome (on a sitarday)

Looking at you with lust in my eye
picture this portrait the drinking Dorian Grey
blood shot peepers peeping at you
Whiskey and wry a one armed bandit
a triggerless gun
you've gotta hand it to me
right here in my dirty face
overweight and out of date
sing it manic street preacher
every drop says I love you
every drop makes me hate you more
happy alone when i am with you
master and mistress victim and whore
you still twist and turn me on
could I find the switch I would turn you off
i am you and you are me
and soon how happy we shall be
dying in the arms of love
one shot two shots three shots more
level up the horizon
even up the score
the best years i gave you , yet
you stole them from me
all these highs are lows
and still how happy we will be
dying in the arms of love
first thing in the morning
last thing at night
looking for the darkness
blinded by the light
straight jackets wouldn't hold me
nor prison walls confine me
till i get back to you
we are dying in the arms of love
the sweetest kiss ever crossed these lips
the blackened rose the DT throes of love
nor law nor duty nor public men nor cheering crowds
this impulse of delight
this bloodied rose
this thorn
this sweet decay
i love you still
hate you more.

Ok, (amphibious) Bus people, Batten down the hatches, burn the mainsail and splice yer barnacles, , we're heading for heavy seas. Har!

First mate Jeanne slugging it out

Awash with anarchy (Percy) Bill (Shelley)

Weaver waving the white flag from sick bay

How d'ya like these apples Cap'n ? From Rachel Fox

An alternative sea shanty from 'ave a go vigilante , Argent

They should be keelhauled from Titus

Turning tide from Enchanted Oak

Deck hand Peter Goulding is ready to deck someone who pissed him off at the Post Office

Stowaway goat from Heather

The rations cupboard from salty seadogs/Cats. The watercats

Don't feed the Pirates

Double rations on the cattle boat from Pure Fiction

Positive mutiny from Swiss

Walk yer own plank! From Niamh

Domestic Oubliette's gone overboard with Thin Lizzy.

Kat O nine tales (well two tales here)

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Education all at sea from Crazy Field Mouse


ArtSparker said...

Nice tragicomicb bricolage.

Niamh B said...

Earlier and Earlier with the bus!
Likin the new subtitle by the way - good to be clear on these things.
This poem is kinda heart breaking - I like the blackened rose and DT throws.

Dr. Jeanne Iris said...

Oh, that uisce beatha! But doesn't it make for brilliant poetry?!

Argent said...

Wow, Eej! This is intense: redolent (ain't that a greatr word?) redolent of addiction, twisted relationships and all the conflict that goes with that. You do 'dark' really well.

PS The Irish Blog Awrds judges know nothing! NOTHING, I say, NOTHING!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Oh eej - how I feel for you - a young man in an ageing man's body???
Have posted my poem a day early.
Yes - we all have to keep going - man the barricades, stop the young taking over our world, eat the sourgrapes and spit out the pips, savour the sun (shining here at long last) stretch the limbs and say "what the hell!" Have a good Sunday.

Bill said...

Like the dark twists. My favourite bit was

you still twist and turn me on
could I find the switch I would turn you off
i am you and you are me
and soon how happy we shall be

Heather said...

Great poem TFE - it should be set to music. I'm posting mine in a minute as I'm out all day tomorrow and may not have time then.

Rachel Fox said...

This has some power. I'd like to hear it read - record it, can you?

Mine is here. Beware long ramble...


Titus said...

That's me TFE!
Good to see you're not bearing a grudge.

Really into yours this week - especially the final quarter-ish (from straight jackets) where it completely takes off. I love the blur of images. Powerful piece.

Enchanted Oak said...

This would be my first visit to you, officially speaking. We haven't met, but I have seen you via Keeping Secrets and Poetikat, et al. Thought this week I'd take a ride on TFE’s Poetry Bus. Does the link work properly? One hopes.

Peter Goulding said...

Love the contrasts in the piece - rose / thorn, dark / light etc. Isn't that what love is? Should throws be throes?
My lightweight effort is up.

Liz said...

I muchly like the wanton, reckless speed of this piece and all the emotion give-away in between. It got spark and it got heart...rave on! ; )

Brigid O'Connor said...

Hi TFE, I ran out of time to put together a poem for your bus this week, but had written a piece on my blog on Friday, not a poem now, so it may not be suitable, called Chain me to a railing, about the 'role models' our kids are subjected to nowadays, if you feel it would suit your protest bus this week, feel free to link, otherwise no worries, I know I'm technically breaking the rules
its at :

Batteson.Ind said...

this was a heavy read for a Monday morning :-) Nuffink wrong wif that though, Really powerful emotional stuff... I like that there's no punctuation.. makes it really intense...
Alreet, I'm on de bus, and macanroe can go feck himself! the ponce!

Pure Fiction said...

Nice pome tfe - more sad than angry, maybe, with a bit of a love story going on. Like it.

Had a bit of a dilemma about the task this week, but have stuck something up - might go off and change it in the meantime, tho

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

mine has gone up today - will come back and visit y'all later

swiss said...

bricolage! i can't put it better than art! i do like the drinking doriuan gray tho.

been away but managed to skid into the garage at the last minute

Domestic Oub said...

Shouldn't this all be on Monday? Who authorised the slippage? I protest.


but I've already written my poem, so I only protest a little.

Kat Mortensen said...

I'm not going to make the mistake I did last week (and have you call me out) and even give you the opportunity to think I thought this was real. Hah!

On the other hand, it felt so real that I caught my breath a few times. Loved the black rose and the shots and the "twist and turn me on" bits.

I found this brutally hard to do (maybe I'm just a bit blank at the moment). For what it's worth, you can read mine here:


Here's my poetry bus ticket! Wait! Stop! Here it is!!.html

Karen said...

I'm a little under the weather, so it was hard to work up my anger, although truly, my anger usually comes out as sadness.


Karen said...

Wow, TFE! I just came back to read your poem, and I'm blown away by the intricate structure of this one. You unify it all with the love-hate, living-dying relationship with drink.

Rachel Fox said...

Both this week and last Susan S's link has gone to blank page for me!

NanU said...

Mmm, delicious. I love the way every drop makes you love her and also hate her more. So true, so true when one's on the drink.

may i have a ticket please sir? I had such a great weekend I thought I would have nothing to protest today, but after all...

Anonymous said...

Hi Hi, so sorry I'm late again, please don't give me a detention, the dog ate my homework:-)

another excellent prompt