Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What's new NanU?


I love my old runners
nothing is half as much fun as
putting them on
Oh! they fit better than a glove
i'm truly, madly, deeply in love
Everywhere they go, I go too,
Dublin Carlow Timbuktu,
joined at the heel we feel for each other,
not like brother and brother,
more like lover and lover.

Through thick and thin
they make me grin
snow or sun ,walk or run
we go our own way
near-to, or faraway
together forever,
parting? Never!
I'm keeping these
so please, please,please
don't ever let them fall in
to the needy greedy wheelie bin.

You say that they stink
that they pen and ink
but I could never think
such a thing, the joy they bring
smells only of roses
so block your noses
they are here to stay,
me and my runners going all the way
keep yer Bardots at bay
I wouldn't even swap for Birkin
It's not your leg I'd be jerkin
I'm not ferkin about
I'd throw her out
and run back to me runners
the ultimate stunners.

My feelings I cannot hide then
I love to slip inside them
So soft to the touch
I adore them so much
I'd lick them clean
only they've been
In The Palace Bar
their urinals by far
the leakiest I've seen

Instead I blow them a kiss
if they're covered in piss
ah life is such bliss
in my Gratis runners
all winters all summers
atumn and spring
they're just the right thing
for my size 9 feet
looking cosy and neat
im in leathery heaven
i'd buy another seven
pairs if I could
but they would
never be quite the same
you see
I'm a believer in monogomy
so this pair are the only pair,
the perfect pair for me.


The Weaver of Grass said...

If we ever meet bring a tub of talc with you then you can sprinkle it liberally inside them because I have always felt if we met I would have to kneel at the feet of the master - now I have rather revised my opinion!

Totalfeckineejit said...

If we ever meet weaver, my feet would be the least of your worries!
I like the kneeling idea though, hope it catches on!

NanU said...

oh, my!
You've surpassed yourself, TFE. I am in awe of your poetical genius.

The Bug said...

There is NOTHING BETTER than a good pair of shoes. NOTHING. And I don't have any that I love like that right now. Sigh. Now I'm all jealous.

Jinksy said...

I did enjoy this tootsie tribute to a pair of foot-shaped shoes - I could fancy a pair like that myself, blue being my favourite colour an' all!

Heather said...

Wonderful Peadar - great stuff. I had a pair of boots once, which I loved and wore to death - I never found any others as good. I'll bring the Febreze if we should ever meet!

Jeanne Iris said...

Oh what a divine bond!
hmmm... but would they take you through a meter of snow? or maybe that would be a way to disinfect them, no?

Titus said...

Joy! Ode to Joy! And I feel so much better for having actually seen them too.

Glorious work, and I laughed far too much at the urinals section. Impressive handbag knowledge too!

Niamh B said...

very sweet poem, reminds me of that personality test where you have to answer these questions about different things in a theoretical adventure and one of the questions is how many pairs of runners you'll wear out crossing a desert.
the answer refers to how many true loves you'll have ... or something

the watercats said...

just bought a new pair of daps meself.. went shopping for the most perfet pair of boots (which of course do not exsist) and ended up getting something cross between a hiking boot and a sturdy runner in a marraige of leather and reinforced rubber. In time I know I will grow to love them deeply, but I will look a bit of a prick on trying to look cool playing guitar on stage in them.. *sigh.. the things we do to compromise our dreams!
your runners are beautiful things indeed and no ode to footwear was ever finer ;-)

izzy said...

A truly great ode! Thanks- the heels of my sneaks always get mashed down, so they do not work in snow ! my ankles have little tolerance for tight-so I have
medium and then tall, boot varieties...

Dave King said...

You are for trainers now what van Gogh was for old boots.

Argent said...

Ooh, Eej, this speaks to my heart right now! I've a pair of trainer-like things (court shoes, they call them) and I've worn them to death - or very nearly. I know they'll not last much longer but the makers have told me they're discontinued, aaaargh!

NanU said...

O Fearless Leader!
what's next?
is the Bus to fall off a cliff?
disappear in a poety black hole?
lost in the jungles of central america?
it's really nice when the sidebar contains the link to our next destination. perhaps the older destinations could make way for new?