Friday, January 7, 2011

Emerging Poetry Bus

The worst organized weekly prompt returns.Resting on our arse but never our laurels...or our hardy's. Onwards we must go, haphazzard, rambling, ragged and irregular, for form and rules and regularity are for bowels and we all know what they produce.

So forget bowels , take your vowels and your constantinoples and fashion poems with your own bare hands. Unless you are a bear in which case use your own bear hands, or paws,to use the zoological term.

Last week saw an amazing prompt from, and an amazing response to, Jeanne.So a big thank you to her and all the stalwart diehards that braved the cold to clamber aboard.

this week/next week, type thing, tis the turn of Emerging Writer, Kate Winslett.
Kate is famous, not only for her record breaking ears (they can stretch right over her head) but also as an olympic gold medalist. A keen winter sportswoman she has competed in the last three winter olympics,winning gold in the luge,silver in the snowballing, and bronze in the brass monkey hurdling.She lives in a semi detached, 5 bedroom igloo on the outskirts of Carlow.

Her favourite foods are, caviar , smoked salmon,truffles, and paprika flavoured noodles from Aldi.A keen amateur neurosurgeon she likes to practice her skills on close family and friends,most of whom have survived, albeit in a slightly impaired manner.

A victim of a drive-by poetry reading, Kate has a horror of tweed jackets and small crowds.She likes to travel and has visited many exotic locations including Ballbriggan,Limerick Junction and Hounslow.Her dream holiday would be two weeks in a treetop house in kenya or Skegness. Slightly accident prone after a few drinks she once broke her arm in three places...The International Bar, McDaids and Slattery's.

So t5here you have it, now get ye gone to her wonderfully informative blog HERE


AquaMarina said...

Legs Eleven! Happy New Year to you! x

Heather said...

Another wonderful write-up for this week's driver. I didn't know people could be so interesting - I've led a very sheltered life obviously.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Oh how I wish that the muse of poetry would return to me - no poetry since my illness - can;t seem to get into gear with it.

Emerging Writer said...

Post up now here
Add your comment and link.

Emerging Writer said...

Oh dear Weaver - that's halfway to being a poem on its own