Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ishka maninga and Kato's Bus challenge.

Firstly the second thing which is Katos poertee challengio. The fine feline gave us the above images to rite a pome about.

I have to hold my hands up here, just like in the image, and declare my thoughts.There is no denying, as the monkees said it 'I'm a believer'

I believe in 'God' don't ask me what that means , for I don't know. I do know that I don't believe in giant white statues and I don't believe the Pope (for I is some class of Catholic) should live in a palace of untold (please do tell) wealth.
Tis hard/verging on the imossible to believe in the goodness of people that run the Catholic church in it's present guise of abject sickness. But,
I know through brainwashing, or delusion, that there is more to this world/life than we can touch see smell taste or hear.
If I am naive, then I am cosy in my naivete, what have i to lose? Drunken hazes also suit me very well.
The world without 'a god'would for me be a cold place and I like to keep warm against the odds. I find life hard,sometimes very hard, probably or possibly a lot harder than the average better equipped person, I wonder would I have survived without my belief? A crutch for the weak? Maybe. But a crutch I lean on, and survive.

Let's face it if we believers are right, though 'right' is a ridiculous pejorative term, it will be seen.If the non believers are right, no one will know. A dark nothing.An end.I prefer to sit close to the fire(oops! the real, though I'm not convinced, downside of what I think) and stay warm and drunk and perhaps even deluded. Any way here's the pome.

Bernie the bolt.

No it's ok, I got it
I'm strong,
'Safe hands' they call me
let it go,
It's okay,

Up a bit, down a bit
left a bit, right a bit,

Ah, shite!

And firstly second, the pome what I previouslt rote was pure made up for a knife that was stuck in me back years ago, so relax dudes!
Ishka maninga, innit?


Gwei Mui said...

It puts the golden shot into a whole new light :)

Poetikat said...

I don't know this "Ishka maninga" stuff, but I'll be using it anyway, so thanks for that!
If I chant it do you think Denmark can slay the "Indomitable Lions" of Cameroon?

I enjoyed your preamble greatly, especially paragraph 7, line 2. Profound and funny at the same time. How do you do that?

Pulling your link for my blog now.

Amen to everything you wrote.


Poetikat said...

One question: Why Bernie?

Heather said...

Love the poem TFE and the bit before it was very interesting too. I agree with you and think that many branches of religion have lost their way.

Marion said...

You totally crack me up. :-)

I heard on public radio that a statue of Jesus was struck by lightning and burned up while a porn shop nearby was left alone without a single scorch and I'm wondering if this was the one or if there was more than one graven image of our Lord Jesus Christ burnt to a crisp....which led me to deduce that the bolt of lightning that obliterated our Lord's image was not from heaven, but from the pit of Dante's lowest level of Hell. I believe in God, too, and I like Dante's version quite well (being poetic and all) although I'm pure Louisiana coonass and not Italian, nor Cat'lick although I love cats and have a daughter who converted to cat'lick, even though she's highly allergic to cats. I sincerely hope the statue is rebuilt.

And may lightning hit or graze the sumbitch CEO of BP who's done gone and ruint my farken trips to the Cajun Riviera due to his farken hole in the bottom of the Gulf gushing poison into my swamps and killing my chances of ever affording another shrimp or oyster po-boy sandwich in The Big Easy. If ever a man needed religion, it's that one....Amen

The Bug said...

Well I think that you & my husband are soul mates - at least as regards religion & drink LOL. I'm not sure what I think about that. I'm also in your ballpark when it comes to God.

Love the poem - it makes me think of stories my dad tells...

Peter Goulding said...

There was a quiz programme on years ago where people had to shoot a target through a crossbow. Bernie was the bolt-loader.
Very funny poem TFE. Anne Aston as Mary Magdalene?

Niamh B said...

Bernie the bolt is great, and fair play for inventing a new phrase (yes I googled it to try and decipher... and I suppose like the folks with the statue - found out that sometimes the all powerful authority on everything, isn't afterall the all powerful authority on EVERYTHING)

ArtSparker said...

A sweet post, I don't share your beliefs - and I also appreciate how eloquently you've expressed your choice.

A bit of extended haiku in the poem.

mrsnesbitt said...

Bernie the bolt! That brought back memories!

Argent said...

I had to laugh. No doubt a bolt is winging its way to me as a result.

Titus said...

TFE. Tee Hee Hee!
And I wonder who among us are old enough to remember "The Golden Shot"? No one ever bloody won.

Titus said...

Just read Peter's comment. Lord, giggling Anne Aston!

Enchanted Oak said...

Dear Eejit,
I love your discourse on faith in God. My fave part is where you say, so it's a crutch, I lean on it and survive. Also very pointed was your point that if believers are right about the One God, we will all know it, whereas, if the unbelievers are right, no one will know. And I like being in the know. That's why I'm a researcher.

And your pome was superb!

Anonymous said...

Excellent stuff, and I'm going to have to rethink my view of you as well.
thanks for sharing

chiccoreal said...

Dear TotalFNIJT: Purgatoratory Jugs? Perjorative? Bernie The Bolt screwed up? Is he a BBC character or Bennie Hill? One thing I can believe what he says "shite". Bernie's gonna get it!I hope nobody got purgatory jugs from me unless that's what they wanted. PS. I notice that there are some vacancies; drivers wanted? Do I need to fill out an application? I can drive a boat?