Monday, December 29, 2008


Yes, folks it's that time of the week again when I announce(2 days late due to the yuletide festivities) the winners of TFE's world famous cartoon caption contest ,back again due to overwhelming public demand The judges report that the standard was very high indeed again this week and are sure that alcohol was largely to thank for that.After many hours of heated deliberation in a locked vault at a secret location deep in the Wicklow hills,the judges managed to whittle it down to 3 ,yes 3, finalists in a dead-heat.I have great pleasure in announcing the names of these finalists as follows. In no particular order they are, wait for it -wait for it......Dave King......... apprentice........... and.............. Liz! Many congratulations to da tree of ye I'm sure 2008 is now complete for ya. As per usual protocol in the event of a tie, donations to TFE are invited and the digger-outer with the most lolly gets the first prize outright.The caption contest as per usual may be upgraded to a major literary prize at TFE's sole discretion subject to the bung being big enough to buy him a used,late model, low mileage scooter with pizza attachment.Many congrats again to the finalists.


apprentice said...

That's great TFE, I'll off and ransack my button box as soon as I get of this contrapration.

Would a duffle coat woggle and a a shirt button be enough to swing it?

Liz said...

Ta muchly TFE, ain't got no buttons nor bows to offer (fair dues, apprentice ; )) but big
hefty, cellotaped brown envelope is due to land under ze table by your feet any minute now.

Totalfeckineejit said...

Two excellent offers there ladies,I'm torn between the two but i might just wait and see if Dave comes in with a late clincher!