Monday, December 8, 2008


Does anybody out there know of a blog by a certain aspiring American writer(short story writer mainly, I think) He has sent lots of stuff off to either the New Yorker, or more probably, The New York Times ,and describes his protracted negotiations with the paper who seem to have lost his story.I can't remember who ,or where it was ,or how I came across it.But I'd like to look it up again to see how he's getting on. Any clues or info would be mucho appreciated.Talking of the New Yorker ,another rejection by stealth today as I was not in the cartoon caption showdown, sheeyat! But nil desperandum comrades- it's straight back in the saddle and off we go yyyyeeeehha!!! By the way, seeing as I am a man and this is cyberspace- does that make me a cyberman?..... Delete! Delete! Delete! I should also point out at this juncture that I only Know about all things Dr Who because I have a 10 yr old son and he makes me watch it- honest. At 107 years old I think I may be a century too old for it. Incidently I am also in the Guinness(dont ye just love that word?) book of records as the oldest, one armed, Pizza delivery boy in the world! One arm is no bother to me except that it is a bit harder to get a tip and hand-over the pizza at the same time. Also I must remember not to wave back when friends recognise me on my Honda 50. Have you noticed the subtle way of highlighting key words in desperate attempt to make my post look more interesting? No, it doesnt work , does it?

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