Sunday, December 14, 2008

This is a picture of a man carrying his 12 year old grandson, who has cerebral palsy,up to their flat. He can make this trip up and down 42 steps 6 times a day.No lifts, no shed to store the wheelchair.Posted by PicasaThree generations live in their small flat, one of 36 families living in scandalously overcrowded conditions in Croke Villas Dublin whose rehousing has been cancelled due to the 'prevailing economic climate and global credit crunch'.My question is why weren't these people rehoused during all those glory years when the country was dripping in money? I'm sorry but the next person who tells me about the house/houses they, or their wonderful children, are renting out, or about their lovely duplex in the Algarve, is going to get a box in the snot and woe betide any Fiannafailfinegaellabourgreennredplaid politician that sticks their beak anywhere near me ever again.


Liz said...

Well-said, TFE. Corruption and plain inefficiency in Irish politics has reached a new low (as if that were possible...). Spare us!

Totalfeckineejit said...

Hi Liz, your'e right.Usually it just makes me depressed but sometimes it makes me pure feckin' angry.