Monday, November 8, 2010


If you cant make it to The International Bar 8pm Wicklow street, why not tune in live at the link below.The Poetry Bus Mag will be officially launched along with top selling (no 3 so far, in the irish top selling books list) 'Soundings' that has people like John Milton and shakespeare and Seamus Heaney and lots of other dead people.
There will be living poets too like these wonderful Bus poets.. Colm Keegan, Carol Boland, Mags Treanor, Kate Dempsey, Maggie O'Dwyer, Niamh Bagnell, Emer Fallon, Pj Nolan, Stephen James Smith. All feckin brilliant, wait till you hear them!

Live music from Colm O'Snodaigh of top group Kilá.

Do NOT miss this!!
Tune in around 8.30 and keep checking till it goes live on air..

Also many thanks To Liz gallagher for driving last week and to Jessica Maybury for this weeks watery task, here's my efforts.

Wet Dreams.

Double yellow lines

110 miles per hour

Sal solo

Joe Stalin does what he says

On the tin

We’re in deep


H2 O

Bottled up

Rapid flow

Flood plains

Stagnant jest

Safety vest

Hurricane west

East of Java

Key Largo Orson

Wells Fargo

Water waiter

Walter Mathau


Drip drip

In the night


Lack of sleep

Liquid dreams

Molten skies

Curly fries

Water water

I don't drink

as much as I oughta

Free flowin lip smackin

Water? Yeuch !

Fish fuck in it.

Plughole... (A song)

no tune yet..offers???

They call me big Fats Waller

Fats Domino, Pizza man-

Though I used be Memphis Slim,

Living drinking day and night

Is slowly doing me in.

Tired of whistling after dead dogs

Pissing up the walls

Senses buzzing like a drone

Gonna unpack a six pack gun

And I’m goin way back home

Tired of losing day jobs

Tired of being tired

Tired of whiskey Beer and Gin

Didn’t get my wishlist

So I’m saving up on sin

Sick of getting no thanks

For the terror that I hold

I’m tired of being what I do

I used to be someone’s someone

Now I’m gonna find out who

Throw away that sawn-off

Poets make no point

Words giving you the slip

This captains going overboard

Fuck that stinking ship

I’m leaving town at daybreak

Not at the break of day

Breaking no more bones

Kicking out the dead men

Rolling away the stones

Dreaming needs some sleep

Sleeping needs good dreams

Not those faces that I meet

Get some warmth in to me

Before I hit unconscious street

One more bottle of whiskey

One nugget of consolation

One little skin of gin

No man can turn the world around

Till he gets his head to spin

Two more nights of drinking

For each day of being alone

Got to do some thinking

Before I head my head back home

Straighten out the rat’s tales

Then I’m going back home

Yeah, I’m going home

One day I’m going home

Soon I’m going home

One more bottle one last song

Then I’m going home

Going home


Rachel Fox said...

Love those curly fries from nowhere in the first one!

Niamh B said...

The last line of that reminds me of this post - still one of my top ten TFE posts of all time I think

swiss said...

work making me work so can't go. in fact can't even listen! if only it was tomorrow! good luck with it all..

the watercats said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww....... best of luck lads!... again.. wish we weren't running on a fiver's worth of petrol this week!.. FECK IT!... *kicks two imaginary dogs...
will check in for the stream though.. how cool are you guys!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Those last few lines of the water poem have put me off water for life!!! Rather like when the farmer first learned as a child where eggs came from he would not eat one for years!

Have a wonderful launch night, shall be thinking of you all.

Titus said...

On train and tried to watch it on the iPhone but won't let me! Stay on stage till 11.30, please

NanU said...

Swimming in the Guinness again, have you? Neato pomes.

Kat Mortensen said...

Have you been listening to Leonard Cohen? That's what comes to mind when I'm reading the second poem.

Like them both - a bit depressing though.

I was at the launch and it was brilliant! We (the newly formed, "Poetry Bus Refugees" had our own little party in the cyberspace bar and it was a blast!

We missed you Peadar!

See you there next week?


Enchanted Oak said...

Peadar, you are a little dismal today...Brillant and sad... always a good Irish mix. Perhaps you ought to take a turn driving the Poetry Bus one day soon, selecting some subject with gusto and waxing energetically upon it. I do not complain, you understand? I want to bundle you off with me to an AA meeting, where we will gallantly become optimistic for an hour. Optimism is overrated but fun. I liked "Wet Dreams" a lot.

Emerging Writer said...

Wow, there was an online community audience? How cool is that! Missed you Peadar. When's the next launch?

Jeanne Iris said...

Two truer than true PBR poems!

Okay, so someone chatting in the margins of the Glor Sessions says, "We need to come up with a name for us, out here online, a-watching the show." The first thing that popped into my mind was PBR, didn't know right away what to do with that R, so I just typed 'refugees' and the rest is history. Poetry Bus Refugees! It was magical!

Okay, now shut up and drink your water. We'll see you next week, right?

swiss said...

so where's the full report? sort that out!

i too missed the online version but i did dip my toe in this weeks bus.

fish fuck in it. lovely. years i spent listening to one of my mates use this very excuse to avoid swimmin in the sea. that made me laugh a lot.