Friday, November 12, 2010

Get up! Stand up!

Sick and tired ,I'm sick and I'm tired
Of the ME ME ME democracy
the established
path of the poet so travelled
so look at ME ME ME ME
I'm I'M I'm
and the money oh the money oh the moneeey
Don't give up the fight
never give up the light
never a mention but the look at I
grazing in the lush fields of established meant
bursary funded writers centre retreat
from the beat beat beat
this is poetry, this is Ireland
THIS is POETRY Ireland
this is the centre,
this is the writer,
this is The Irish Writers Centre.
This is the arts, here is the council
this is the heart of the arts council
Get up stand up
don't give in the fight
get up stand up seperate wrong from right
listen to the voices of the right
a hard rain it's a long reign
a hard reign is going to fall
get up stand up
don't forget to write
get up stand up
for what you need to write
writing all the wrongs righting all the songs
writings on the wall, hard rains going to fall
heard rains going to call,
'Arm, arm!' they cried
we have come to lead you
to the promised land
to the equal land
to the soft held hand
to the peace and quiet
they can't deny it
if we get up stand up
stand up for our rights
get up stand up
see the guiding lights
saying nothing only let's them win
doing nothing is the greatest sin
get up stand up
stand up for your rights
get up stand up don't forget to fight
get up!


Titus said...

I'm ready for the fight. I don't know how effective my missiles will be from this range, and the wind is in the wrong direction (and how - much damage there?) at the moment, but when the time comes I'll stand by you.

These lines:

'never a mention but the look at I
grazing in the lush fields of established meant'

Liz said...

A colossal shout of 'Heck, yes, let's do something Irish people, don't let these government/ developer/banker ba*ta*ds get away with what they've done....'

I went in to have a coffee in a bar here yesterday morning and couldn't believe the headline in the main Spanish National newspaper talking about the dire straits Ireland is was all over the papers but yet it only gets pussy-footing reportage in Irish newspapers....what is wrong with the media there???

(sorry Peadar but blood boiling...bloody good poem, by the way...)

Heather said...

A great battle cry Peadar - a call to arms. At my time of life I'll just hold the coats while someone else does the fighting, if that's OK.

Enchanted Oak said...


Amen, Peadar. Sometimes one feels like a voice crying in the wilderness, but in fact your voice speaks for legions of others who can't find the words.

swiss said...

ah yes, i have a feeling i know what you've been about.

still poetry bus and the like. it's a start.

in the meantime, there's always the free cheese. really, what is all that about!?

the watercats said...

Irelands fecked!... which is a good thing because fecked people become fierce-some people.. I'm a mostly peaceful person, but we need a bit more than some gentle window smashing...
great poem! reckon it sums up what everyone is really feeling at the moment!

Peter Goulding said...

I'm behind you all the way Peadar (what are we fighting for, again?)

Gwei Mui said...

Stand tall, stand firm, I'll stand with you even if it's only in spirit.