Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Getting older is shite

Mr and Mrs EEjit before they became Mr and Mrs EEjit in da car I loved so well.

I wanted to have The Jam singing 'when you're young' to this post but dey wasn't vailable so I hadv to chooose Derry's finest, but Teenage aint d;'age to be, too troubled ,too confused ,too angry, but being young is da Weller's lyrics put it:

'Life is timeless, days are long when you're young
you used to fall in love with everyone
any guitar and any bass drum
life is a drink and you get drunk when you're young.'

See it's been rainin and snowin und feezin da last many days et je have been up to ninety coz d'auld car (a 00 be da way , Oh dat iconic numberio plate dat everybody craved back in da good times, the new times, and I got my 00 plate alright, d'only troublo is iz got it in 2007, seven yeras too late!)has been leekin sumptin wickid, up to 4 inches of rainwater every morn in de passengers footwells , front and back, and I has been bailin uisce to bate da band.its been having it's own tidal waves as ye drive along and da whole yoke has been in danger of submergin-kanno drives anyplace at all in de rain witout SCUBA equipo.Any ways de gist o de crap I iz wafflin iz dat dis situation has almost been da deeth o me, yet many moons ago when I wiz young i had a car wit no roof, nay doors, nay heater nor nuttin likesa radio and it used fill wit water when it rained and alls we did woz laugh and drill a holes in da floorpan so dat the water drained away.We used that car winter and summer, come rain, come shine and dit nuttin but laugh.I have da rheumo and tinitus/deafo(Mucho loudly exhaustio) to proves it, but look at me now an olding craytur cryin at da least bit o trouble or discomfo.Life's a bitch aint it ?

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