Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bus crash poetry from Nanook!

The latest Poetry Bus prompt is HERE!
Many thanks To NanU for driving last week. This week she hands over the keys to her twin sister Nanook or more correctly ' Nanuq' who inspired by her sisters entrepreneurial skills invented a methane based self sufficient central heating system that syphons human gases from the air to burn as fuel.
People using this system had to maintain a strict diet of cabbage, bran, and baked beans to provide enough gas to fuel the system.The disadvantages of having to wear a clothes peg on your nose at all times and never having anyone visit were far out weighed by the financial benefits.Once installed there were no further bills and the sytem proved so popular that everyone for miles around had one fitted.

In short Nanuq ran out of customers and had to look for new territories. She decided on Hudson Bay In Quebec as it is so cold and heating would surely be needed. Again the system sold well, initially, but most customers lived in igloos and as their homes slowly melted they sought refund after refund as well as compensation from poor Nanuq till she was left penniless without even the means to get home. :(

(Above is a roofless 20 ft high 'Summergloo' being constructed from giant blocks of ice and snow on the frozen Tundra of South Wicklow last August.)

But Nanuq was a bright resourceful woman so she built herself an igloo and learned how to hunt and to survive and make new friends till she was very happy. Ever looking for new inventions she quickly realised that due to the sub zero temperatures foodstuffs seemed to last indefinitely without any sign of deteriorating. ( Here we see the dangers of living in this frozen wasteland, animals grow to vast sizes on a diet of human flesh and wheetos)

So coming full circle she developed a methane powered food cooling system that later was developed into the fridges we know and love today. She made a huge fortune but was so happy living among her new neighbours that she stayed where she was and built a giant igloo that is used as an ice hotel to this very day. And everyone lived happily ever after. Except for a few baby seals.


NanU said...

I lern so mutch every time I come here!

The Weaver of Grass said...

I have never, in all my life, comeacross an imagination like yours!

Heather said...

What a chilly yet heartwarming tale Peadar. Each one is a gem.

Titus said...

Excellento! I can catch up.
And again, who knew?!

Kat Mortensen said...

Peadar, I just noticed from your sidebar that your ma's and Mrs. Eej's birthdays are the same day as was me da's. Them Arian's are not too easy to live wit', at all at all. Just sayin'. May not be true in your case.
Heya, Mrs. Eej! How are you anyway?