Friday, December 10, 2010

Who will answer my prayer?


Bleeding heart.

The night the riots began
I felt old ,out in the cold,
caught between the devil
and the detail of the revolution
The codes were lost, the codes
were moral, a helping strong hand,
Ethics balanced against anger against
Subversion against anarchy
Last night I heard the screaming
I wanted to call the police
but they were already there
Loud voices shouting
People were in need
people were broken down
People were lost
People were bloodied
I prayed for change I prayed for justice
I prayed for a law to protect the vulnerable
a government that knows
the children are the future
Who will answer my prayer?


Heather said...

A wonderful poem Peadar - it jogs us out of our cosy little lives.

Titus said...

Wonderful prayer, TFE, and love the title.
And Chapman.

The Bug said...

I thought I "heard" Tracy in your poem. I have that CD of hers. She always makes me want to get up and DO something.

swiss said...

been too busy for the whole commenting business recently which is a bad thing as this post, the last one and the one you've got next i've all really enjoyed. is it something you're putting in your porridge i wonder? whatever it is keep them coming...