Thursday, August 19, 2010

Plan A log B it's the CHICCOREAL Poetry Bust!

Yes Earth dwellers, tis that time of the week again when one brilliant driver (Enchanted Oak) hands over the gunpowder to the next (Chiccoreal)

Been round to all this weeks buspassers ( i think) and I reckon it may be one of the best weeks yet for numbers, quality, and variety.Two great prompts from Enchanted Oak who drove skillfully and at a difficult personal time for her.
So well done and thanks to each and everyone of you, and a special thanks to Chris (Enchanty Oaky Dokey) for driving.

So this week that madcap cheeky Chiccoreal has given us a choice of THREE prompts all with a first thing in the morning vibe going on.But I'm not gonna tell ya, instead rollup yer trouser legs or hitch up your skirts and run helter skelter over to Chiccoreal at Logb to see what the craic is


Then scatter ye across the face of this planet scour every corner, search every hillside, plunder everyvalley, leave no grain of sand unturned upon the beaches in search of poems, and when you find them bring them back tothe Bus so we can share the fruits of our labour with the universe.

Remember, even the stars above are listening, the blades of grass are looking, but only we can tell. Forget the Generals, lawyers, politicians, the businessmen, the bankers . FOR
WE are the butchers. WE are the bakers. WE are the poets.
Raise your pens comrades, raise your voices -WE WILL BE HEARD!!


Jeanne Iris said...


NanU said...

Just in time, too! I was about to leave for the weekend. Happy poeting, All!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Shall do as you bid forthwith.

Peter Goulding said...

To arms!! (and two legs)

Heather said...

Thanks for your comment on my recent post - you are right about Mad Aunt Bernard (she's the tall slim gorgeous one) but Lesser Weevil couldn't join us that day. I am catching up with blogging as my laptop locked me out for the past two days. Just going to find out about the next Poetry Bus challenge.

Captain Sensible said...

Think I might have a go at this, I used to be quite the dashing poet in my university days.