Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bedad! Et Mon Dieu! Tis Le Bus de Bagnell!

Le bus de Bagnell est arrivé.Et je crois que ce ete un trés bien exercise n'est ce pas?
Aujordhui (?) Ich has been tres malais, y, I tinks, moi is going slightly mad.

Ah, well.

Confusion reigns supreme, DianaRoss was in the supremes, so chaos is her boss. The angle sum of a triangle is a menage a trois, the higher you grow the harder you fall, the grass is always greener over the other side of the fence that makes a good neighbour a bad one coz they've destroyed the prize pearly white picket at 3 in the morning in a sledgehammered drunken rage.

What I'm trying to say is RIMSKYKORSIKOV! But in a Dutch accent. What I'm trying to say is the opposite of what I'm trying to think.What I'm trying to say is different in every shade of the rainbow.What I'm trying to say, will never be said.What I'm trying to say would never reach me.What I'm trying to say,is a grain of sand on the beach.What I'm trying to say won't go away.What I'm trying to say walks the roads at midnight.What I'm trying to say is in the black box flight recorder.What I'm trying to say doesn't know me.What I'm trying to say shines shoes in Grand Central Station.What I'm trying to say goes to the pictures without me.What I'm trying to say has never been to Brick Lane Market. What I'm trying to say failed all it's exams.What I'm trying to say Killed me then saved me.What I'm trying to say keeps me going.What I'm trying to say can't wash the dishes or pick the kids up from school.What I'm trying to say, could never say I love you.What I'm trying to say would like to be a poem.


Confuses me

Getting to bed at night getting up in the morning

Think about the stairs and you fall

Thinking is dangerous

Thinking leads to enlightenment

Leads to perdition all roads Roman

Realising there are no facts no rules

Everything is

Everyone is

The messiah The Pariah, Uriah Heap,

Nothing else

Nothing is deep

The questions keep

Me awake at night

I’ve lost the fight

For me

Kicking screaming (I should be dreaming

Of) being awake

We hurtle the same chute

Bang! Light!

Take the same exit

Bang! Dark!

The seconds between

Craving tip toe-for a better view

Pity/envy the flat-liners in the flat shoes

Flat foreheads bluff suited bull duck down

Heads in the sands of time

The square tie the nine-to-five trillion in ordered decay

Ignorance is their bliss their territory their Mammon

And still we cross their borders naked in our greed

Tripping over our hanging tongues

Doubt in the shadows

Turn the volume up

The hidden control

Blare the scare

An infinite hill of beans

Baked in the never ending

No single pulse out of place

The DNA of mortality

The endless unremitting chain

The same, the same, the same

Each failure a pyrrhic victory

Row upon row upon row

Facing the past future

like crows and poppies in the sun





Argent said...

Eej, ye have done it again! You are the master of these tumbling, scream-of-consciousness pomes. "The endless unremitting chain/The same, the same, the same" - genius.

Rachel Fox said...

I think I like your intro best of all. Is that OK? It's full of life (confused life but life all the same).

Gwei Mui said...

I feel as if my brain has been truly washed on a fast quick spin cycle.

"Tripping over our hanging tongues"

The idea of a tripping up over a hanging tongue is very striking.

The Bug said...

After I read your poems I always feel like I've just done a really fast dance & now I have to sprawl on the futon a while to catch my breath.

I was laughing when I read this line: Think about the stairs and you fall.

Just the other day I started thinking about how I put my bra on & I just stood & stared at the thing for the longest time before I managed to get it fastened. Definitely a bizarre morning moment! TMI? I don't really understand that concept LOL.

Jeanne Iris said...

Hi TFE. I posted here earlier in the day, but perhaps it didn't go through... or didn't meet with the owner's approval. Anyway, here's a second try. If you don't post it, I just give up.

Confusion, well done, TFE!

Has the movie, Inception, opened in your theaters, yet? If so, you might really like it. 
Your poem reminded me of that film.

Just a little trivia from the girl born and raised in Motown: The Supremes first began as the Primettes. They struggled to make it to the top of the charts in Detroit for a number of years before their first hit.

Dominic Rivron said...

"What I'm trying to say is RIMSKYKORSIKOV!..."

That paragraph is indeed a poem and I really like it. I thought it was the poem until I got to the poem.

Your French is about as good as mine. I quite often have sentences which my brain tries to translate into French and never quite has all the words to.

Doctor FTSE said...

Splendidly out of the ordinary! I liked the "Messiah, Pariah, Uriah Heap" - encapsulating the way the poetic mind processes sound! Sometimes drives one mad.
I've notebooks full of rhymes for "Moon" . . . "Bicycle" is harder . . .

Kat said...

I can you see you on stage with this - the Irish Rapper, with your cap swung round your head and chains, oh yes! many chains! You're grabbing your groin in M-Jackson action and the words are mumbling next to a mike. Your pearly whites are tricked with bling, that's the thing, you're the Irish Rapper, but the trouble is your voice is choice with nuance and placid notes you wrote.


Anonymous said...

Hi TFE, I can really hear this one being performed. There are some great lines here - I love 'Flat foreheads bluff suited bull duck down
Heads in the sands of time
The square tie the nine-to-five trillion in ordered decay.'

I also really like 'Take the same exit/ Bang! Dark!'

Kat said...

Must qualify that "placid notes" (pre-caffeine for me) I mean your soft-spoken voice, not to imply that your words are anything less than powerful!


The Weaver of Grass said...

Brilliant if confusing!

Enchanted Oak said...

I agree with Argent, that your vivid inventive stream of consciousness writing is a great gift, beautiful to behold. What need have you of money when you carry this treasure within you, and it is free for your use at times of your choosing, and others are loving it?

Totalfeckineejit said...

Thanks for all your comments, for taking time to post them.
I'm too stupid, fed-up, drunk to make any meaningful reply.Apologos.Deep black has descended.

the watercats said...

well, as if i had any idea about anything before.. this time I'm positively aghasted with dumbfound!.. i don't know what any of that was about, but it felt quite deep and intense and had too many lines to mention!

Niamh B said...

I like these lines - the summary

"We hurtle the same chute

Bang! Light!

Take the same exit

Bang! Dark!"

is great, as usual your poem is true, entertaining and brave.

Hope it's brightening up where you are there now. Come along to the orgy, I mean reading, tonight, twill cheer ya right up.

Karen said...

Wow! Okay, that isn't very articulate, but it's my initial reaction. I also think the intro could be a prose poem.

jinksy said...

The square tie the nine-to-five trillion in ordered decay

Loved this image, and enjoyed the flickering pictures you created on the screen inside my head.

Peter Goulding said...

Another tour-de-force lyrical stream of consciousness. Breathless!

Titus said...

Pah! Niamh nicked the bit I really loved, but I'm gonna copy it again anyway;

We hurtle the same chute
Bang! Light!

Take the same exit
Bang! Dark!

and the Uriah Heap line that someone else chose as well. Pah!

I love these ones, you just dive in and let the poet take you there. And you did.

Erratic Thoughts said...

You never fail to entertain me...
Some great echos in there :)
Nicely written...

Dave King said...

all that trying, and then, blow me, you said it all so easily and lucidly!

Padhraig Nolan said...

Fair dues Eejit - you do confusion with a certain panache ;-)

I love the line "Think about the stairs and you fall"

[ I might even steal that one :-D ]

NanU said...

I like what you're trying to say!
I like the waving, drowning, waving.
I'd like you to know that the tires are being rotated and the tank filled for next week's outing.

Helen said...

Flight of the Bumble Bee has taken on new meaning ......... loved this!